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Thinking In-tent-ly

It’s so long since I’ve seen a walkman like this that I felt transported back to my childhood. Getting one of the ‘Now that’s what I call Music’ albums on tape, along with a new walkman one Christmas and it buzzily aiding me through the trawl of new carpet and furniture show rooms with my parents, that always seem to follow between Christmas and New Year.

hair and top close up

Reverie Seasons Story_001

Of course, these days when I have a ton of music on my phone, plus tiny in-ear, noise-cancelling earbuds in a small mints tin in my bag, I don’t generally bother to listen to it when I’m outside the house. I think perhaps I have enough in my head to keep me going around the shops. That’s one advantage of getting older, my internal music library is huge and so far, my mental hard drive hasn’t crashed.

What to wear in Second Life today?

!APHORISM! Sun-Kissed Top (Indie Teepee)
Empyrean Forge Tesoro del Luna Necklace wi. HUD (Indie Teepee)
Blueberry Kai Hair (Blueberry @ The Hair Fair 2015, opens today)
{Reverie} Westcoast Sandals Vintage (The Seasons Story)
Indie Teepee Ombre Feather w/lights (Indie Teepee)
Danceman Lines – walkman – Part of blogger pack for Indtp.
Deodorant – as walkman


Loving Aphorism‘s Sun-Kissed Top which is a new release and exclusive for Indie Teepee. The Tops are available in 5 pattern colours and 5 plain colours.
Patterns: Yellow, Black, Green, Pink and White
Plain: Blue, Crimson, taupe, White and Black

Rucy, the creator at Aphorism, has recently got me thinking about the render weight that we, as avatars, produce and how this can be lowered for a more satisfactory and non jelly-baby experience for all. I don’t know a ton about render weight, but you can read more here. The render weight for Aphorism’s top is 542. Included in the pack is an AutoAlpha prim for the Maitreya mesh body. Wearing it will automatically alpha the body correctly for the Sun-Kissed top (remove it once the alpha is set, or you’ll forget and than wonder why it keeps re-applying itself – not that I did this. Coughs.)

Blueberry Hair have come up with some new releases for The Hair Fair 2015, one of which I’m delighted to show you here. It’s very me, a loose, relaxed, boho style which comes in 3 huge colour pack options. Blueberry are in the ‘redhead’ section of The Hair Fair, next to Moon! Bonus shopping.

Reverie‘s release for The Seasons Story is just bliss. Oh my… well, I did warn you that I would wear Reverie’s last sandal release until they made one I loved even more and now here it is. WestCoast are the shoes that will get stinky I will wear them so much. You can go get some – or not, it’s up to you. (/me makes a noise that implies you’d be crazy not to). They fit slink feet and come in five fabby natural colours.

Finally, just a bit of fun goss for you – last night was the first night of the Indie Teepee Festival and the first night of music on the sim. Half of AAi’s DJs played (the other half will play closing night). It was a great atmosphere. Sadly my little laptop suffered in the heat (lag) and so couldn’t take pictures without toppling over, but a talented woman named Cherry Velice was kind enough to take a snap of me when I was on stage.

meri on stage now

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