Secondlife Fashion and Decor from ReadMeri | Inspiration

Night Flight

I was thinking this morning that on some days, inspiration is hard to come by. You can sit and (in my case) look at a blank page, hoping that something in your brain is going to leap into action and provide you with something approaching genius. And some days, it’s very hard to come by. I thought about the times when I have felt inspired and realised that often, it’s at times when all the practical aspects of my life are in order. To this end, I have just been and covered my bathroom with Cif, and I will be going back shortly to clean it to a brilliant shine. Maybe then my mind will be free to fly?


I also feel that if someone could have a word with my cat about pooping on the conservatory floor at night, instead of in her litter tray which is 2 feet away, that would make my mornings less, well… poopy.

What to buy in Second Life today:

Pose | Grafica Emer – Pic 1(Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Seat | [ zerkalo ] Lonely Bard – Chair & Guitar (Indie Teepee)
Organ | oyasumi / electronic organ / wood – it plays! (Indie Teepee)
Curtain | .random.Matter. – Fairy Lights Drapery – Dark Brown Wood with HUD.(Indie Teepee)
Slink | TMP] (Datum Mainstore | Datum Marketplace)
Scarf | [SWaGGa] Boho Rope Scarf (Indie Teepee)
Bracelet | [SWaGGa] Boho Bracelet (Indie Teepee)
Shoes | fri. Effy Sandals Coal [Bell/Mait/Sli] (Indie Teepee)
Clothes | [ dami ] sleeveless tshirt and shorts Set 5-2 (Indie Teepee)
Hat | Remarkable Oblivion Hipster Fedora Chillax (Indie Teepee)
Hair | (NO) French Braided Pigtails (Collabor88)


One place that is providing a ton of inspiration is the Indie Teepee Festival, which is new to Second Life this year. The event, organised by Scarlet Schedenfreude and pals, is a 2 week shopping event, but also a forum for DJs, live performers, artists, machinima and tons more! You can see the schedule for all that is happening on the Indie Teepee Website.

What do you think?

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