Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Come With Me


Come with me, I can sail from here to eternity
Through your dreams and the night
And lie alongside, if that’s where you want to be
You will stay, at least I think you might


Walk with me and spend a day in my mind
Walk an hour in my shoes
Our feelings and thoughts intertwined
Flesh flushed and suffuse

What to buy in Second Life today?

Dress | Foxes Mer Dress – Pearl Sparkle [Mait/Bel/Sli/StSi] (Collabor88)
Hair | Blueberry Jie Hair from Fades HUD (Blueberry @ The Hair Fair 2015)
Tattoo | { DATUM } Loathing Tattoo [Appliers for Mait | Bell | Omeg | Slink | TMP] (Datum Mainstore | Datum Marketplace)
Boat | Kalopsia – Scarlet’s Dream – Boat (Indie Teepee)


I so wanted to do a picture with the gorgeous Kalopsia boat named ‘Scarlet’s Dream’ which was made for the Indie Teepee Festival currently on in Second Life. It has been impossible for me to do it justice, it’s so gorgeous and magical. There are poses contained within it for singles and couples.

Blueberry’s Jie Hair is my fave of the four new hairs by the designer for The Hair Fair 2015. The colour HUDs (3 choices) are very generous and so you really feel you’re getting a lot more than one hairstyle, so wide and varied are the colours available.

The {DATUM} Tattoo – named Loathing – is one of my favourites of their releases in the last year. I’m a sucker for lower arm/hand tattoos anyway, but I’d like to show you a head-on shot so that you can see the chest detail too! Here you are…

tattoo tooThis last picture isn’t linked back to Flickr, it’s linked to itself, so clicking on it will provide a lot of detail hopefully 🙂

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