Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | The Napkin

the napkin

Some aura about the empty bottle and the napkin on the table called out to her and so, instead of clearing the table as normal, she edged over to it, careful not to touch in case the owner reappeared. Words had been written on the soft and textured paper, which flapped slightly in the fresh sea breeze. “It was just too much for me, I’m sorry”. She looked around, slight panic beginning in her throat, rapidly spreading to her stomach and the back of her neck. The dark, deep water continued to swell and retract as if it held secrets and despite the warmth of the sun on her skin, she shivered.

Is that where the note-writer was now? Tangled amongst the weeds on the sea bed? “Hello” she called, her voice little more than a croak at first and then, “Hello!”, louder the second time. No reply came and the old, wooden cafe creaked its response.

Should she call the Police? She wasn’t sure. There was no evidence, no body. She couldn’t remember the face of the man who had ordered the wine an hour ago. Perhaps she would have taken more notice if she had realised, if only she had known.

She picked up the fragile note, remnants of somebody’s last desperate thought and began to cry. A smaller piece of paper fluttered loose from the mass of tissue and floated onto the floor. She bent automatically and picked it up. It read, “House Red £12.99” and she realised; it was the bill and it was unpaid.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Venue | Babys Ear (Home of Neva Crystal, currently open to the public)
Hair | Moon. Hair Pixie Harlow – prev group gift (Moon Mainstore)
Glasses | Glam Affair Cateye Embellished Sunglasses (Glam Affair Mainstore)
Skirt | Bueno Skirt Blueberry [Bell/Mait/Slink/5ss] prev Kustom9, try (Bueno Mainstore : Bueno Marketplace)
Top | Addams Sirena Top [3Bell/Mait/Slink/5ss] (Kustom9 opened 15 July)
Shoes | Reign Sia Pumps [[Bell/Mait/Slink/TMP] (Reign Mainstore)
Pose | Kokolores Flirty Pose (Kokolores Mainstore)


Addams released this cute little ‘Sirena’ top for Kustom9, which opened yesterday. It comes in an array of lovely Summer colours and the straps are colour changeable via HUD. Of course, it contains fitted mesh sizes for the three Belleza bodies – Venus, Isis and Freya, as well as Maitreya Lara and the Slink body, plus 5 standard sizes.

What do you think?

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