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Flying Sheeps

Last night I had a dream that a friend lent me a crossover top, but it was too big at the front and kept falling open (like that would happen!) I had to wear it anyway and everybody could see my love cushions. Quite honestly, it was a bit stressful, so I thought I’d soothe myself by creating a picture of the kind of dream I’d prefer to have.

What to buy in Second Life today?

.LeLutka Dalila hair (The Hair Fair 2015)
*Fishy Strawberry* Nuria Dress Stripes (Kustom9 opened 15 July)
CandyDoll Victoria White (Kustom9 opened 15 July)
Blueberry Royal Sheep Floatie White RARE gacha (Epiphany Event opened 16 July)


The Epiphany is a new event, at which you can find these so sweet Royal Sheep Floatie. It’s rare, but if you don’t get it first go, fret not!  I’ve got this next bit from Blueberry’s actual mouth

“You can redeem your extra gacha items for points. These points are used to get the -EXCLUSIVE- item prepared by the stores participating and here is the kick, there is no other way to get the exclusive.

Upon playing the gacha item you will get the item boxed and once rezzed this box will ask you if you want to redeem your item for points or keep it. It is that simple! Everything is automated. Once you have 25 points you can grab an exclusive. But this exclusive is going to be no transfer.

You can get a transfer version of that exclusive item but it will cost 200 points. You can save upto 100 points for the next round of Epiphany but anything above 100 points will be wiped so you are encouraged to spend your extra points on your favorites.

These gacha machines are automatically configured and none of the machines have a lower than 10% rare chance so you can play safely.”

Sounds like fun, huh? Here’s Blueberry’s gacha key for your eyes to feast upon.


What do you think?

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