Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Sleeping Angel


I prepared this photograph yesterday never knowing that today, it would become me who was a sleeping angel (haha, yeah I know, but still). I slept-in until lunchtime today and could happily have carried on all day, but made myself get up. Why? you ask, well… I felt I should. I felt that there were probably sensible, grown-up things I should be doing and that I’d feel guilty if I were to wallow any longer. I also felt that someone, like my Mother, might ring and accuse me of ‘wasting a lovely day by sleeping’. But really, in sleep, dreams are made, so it’s not such a waste.

What to get for free in Second Life today?

Venue | Duet
Dress and Hat | (BYRNE) Cassandra Deco White Marble (The Instruments 1st Anniversary opens today 18 July)
Genesis Head Julia 2.0 Sleep Milk – from Gacha (Kustom9)
[e] Desta Hair (The Hair Fair 2015)


Yes, I said free! (BYRNE)’s gift for customers visiting them at The Instruments 1st Anniversary round is a black and white version of their main and colourful offering, Cassandra. I loved the black and white so much I had to share it with you.

Cassandra comprises a deco, flora-patterned, ombre halter-top dress with double slit up the front and matching large brim hat with orchids. You can buy it in three colourways – Citrus-Lemon and Tangerine, Water-Sea Green and Pale Green and Flora-Lilac and Orchid.

I said I wouldn’t get a mesh head for general use until (if ever) there is a version available that can look like ‘me’ and so I haven’t, but I did have a go on the Genesis gacha at Kustom9 and got this sleeping head which I thought was adorable, esp for 100l$ (I think it was 100l$, might have been 99l$…)

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