Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Back on the Chain Gang

full body reverie

Hurrah! Welcome to Monday honey-chiles. I don’t often ‘Hurrah’ at Mondays but today isn’t going too badly so far. Firstly, I got the stinky work out of the way early, before my brain really had a chance to wake up and notice it was boring. Then I had a new enquiry in from a prospective client (passed through a friend) and it might come to nothing, but it’s good when folks just walk through your metaphorical front door and ask for your help. Lastly, I sent a parcel to a friend in China and it has finally arrived almost 2 weeks late. I had been envisaging some Chinese Customs guys opening it up and delving into its tissue paper-wrapped depths, eating her jaffa cakes and laughing. I’d have had to hunt them down.


What to wear in Second Life today?

Bodychain | {Reverie} Nimbin Obsidan Bodychain Silver – Natural (Shiny Shabby Event, opens 20/7)
Earrings | {Reverie} Nimbin Obsidan Earrings Silver – Natural
Necklaces | {Reverie} Nimbin Obsidan Necklaces Short, Med, Long
Anklet | {Reverie} Nimbin Obsidan Anklet – Natural
Top | {Indyra} Priyanka Scarf Fitted Mesh Kohl (Tres Chic Event)
Hair | Elikatira Desta Blonde (The Hair Fair 2015)
Glasses | .Lelutka. Glare Sunglasses GIFT (The Hair Fair 2015)


The stunning Reverie Nimbin Obsidan jewellery collection comprises necklaces, bracelets, anklets, waist-chains, rings and earrings. All are available in silver or gold, and with the stone in 6 colors: Topaz, Black, Rose, Green, Blue and Natural.


What do you think?

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