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meri stage 3

I had an interesting session this morning when taking pics at the Indie Teepee sim. Essentially, I was followed around for 15 minutes by a Spanish guy who kept talking to me – of course I didn’t understand, and tried to let him know that. But far from being dissuaded, he seemed to think it was a good sign. He tried friending me a couple of times, then tried calling me. I declined them all, but his attempts to mind-meld seemed to be getting increasingly insistent. I, in turn, was getting frantic… what did this guy want? Was Lassie stuck down the well?

JONA*****LITARIO: sexo?
Mericat Ireland: hahahaah
Mericat Ireland: no
JONA*****LITARIO: yesssss
JONA*****LITARIO: mmmmmmmmm
JONA*****LITARIO: penis grande
JONA*****LITARIO: en mi casa ok?

As my Spanish is limited to ‘me gusta tu pantalon’ (I like your pants) I figured that it wasn’t going to help and I didn’t know what would, as no hadn’t worked. I thought the best way might be to show him that I had a ‘penis grande’ of my own.


He seemed a little surprised…


As he disappeared soon after, I thought he’d received and understood my communication… but, in good faith I’m sure, he tp’d home and then sent me a teleport offer. Tenacious wee creature!

What to buy in Second Life today?

[sWaGGa] BoHo Bracelet (Indie Teepee closes 24th)
Moon. Hair Common Burn (The Hair Fair 2015 closes 26th)
(PR) Black Celtic Cross Necklace (very old!)
!APHORISM! Leather Ankle Boots Female Onyx [Mait/Slink/Male/Fem/3ss] (!APHORISM! Mainstore : !APHORISM! Marketplace)
:V.e. Rebecca Lace Top Nightshade (Indie Teepee closes 24th)
Blueberry Rica Skinny Jeans [Mait/Frey/Isis/Ven/Sli/5ss] (New Blueberry Mainstore! : Blueberry Marketplace)
{ DATUM } Gasoline prev Suicidedollz [Bell/Mait/Omg/Sli/TMP/Tatt] (DATUM Mainstore : DATUM Marketplace)


Well, first things first, my little pickled eggs… Tomorrow is the closing day/night of the fabulous Indie Teepee Event and if you’ve not been, you do have to get along there quickly. There’s tons of exhibits, art, machinima as well as shopping opportunities galore. You can see a few delicious bits from sWaGGa and V.e. in the picture above. PLUS! Me and some of my homies from AAi are playing on Stage 3, where I took the main image in this post tomorrow night.

12pm slt – Mericat Ireland
1pm slt – Thomas Thaler
2pm slt – Iain Lordhunter
3pm slt – Becka Blackrain

You should definitely come along, listen to the great festival tunes and dance it out. Here’s your funky bicycle to Stage 3 of Indie Teepee Event.

Exciting new releases of interest in other parts of the world include…

Blueberry‘s Rica Skinny Jeans which are just stunning. It’s like they’ve been sprayed on, only I can still eat chips and not get tummy ache. I can speak no more highly than that!

I mentioned !APHORISM!’s remake of their leather ankle boots the other day, but I can’t bring myself to take them off yet – so I thought I’d show you how great the black ones look with the skinny jeans. I feel funky like a duck who struts his funky ducky stuff.

One thought on “Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | One Giant Leap!

  1. I’m dying over this elevated and intellectual conversation you two had! So hilarious! Do you think it would be inappropriate to create a gesture thingie that shouts “PENIS GRANDE!” at increasingly rapid intervals? I’m, um … asking for a friend. 😉 ♥

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