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Amongst the Lillies
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It’s my Mum’s birthday on Thursday and I’ve a few surprises for her, but the one that is costing the least is that she told me a while ago she’d like me to make her a CD of indie music, but that I had to include Oasis’s ‘Roll With it’, because she loved that anyway and didn’t have it. I’ve burned the CD and prepared a groovy cover for it. Now all I have to do is brave my shonky printer to try to print it out. It’s a huge responsibility to try to introduce some of the music you love to someone who has no previous experience of it (barring Oasis and Coldplay which she’s heard on the radio) and a lot of the music I like to DJ is far from sounding like them these days. I’m so worried she won’t like it!

What to wear in Second Life today?

Nails | **RE** LUX Dragon Claws – SLink Elegant Rigged Mesh (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)
Bikini | Blueberry Tyrkini Bikini Set [Mait/Frey/Isis/Ven/Sl/5ss] (N21 Event)
Head Jewel | Izzie’s Nidhi Tikka Headpiece Obsidian (Izzie’s Marketplace)
Hair | Little Bones Kills No.2 prev gacha, try (Little Bones Mainstore)


RealEvil’s LUX Dragon Claws are one of the most intricate and detailed pieces of jewellery I’ve seen in Second Life. They come rigged for Slink Casual or Slink Elegant hands (option at purchase point). You also get a HUD which allows you to change just about every single little element – from a choice of 5 metal colours, down to a choice of colours for each type of stone featured in the jewellery. They are gorgeous!

O’course I took a thousand photographs trying to find the best pose/light to show them off to you to their best advantage, but honestly, nothing beats seeing the real thing in-world.

Blueberry’s Tyrkini Bikini has featured on my blog before, but remains (imho) the best fitted mesh bikini produced like…ever. You can see it fully in this blog post featuring two shots of the Blueberry Tyrkini Bikini on ReadMeri

3 thoughts on “Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Amongst the Lillies

  1. I love that you’re making your mom a mix CD! I think the last one someone made for me was back in the mid-2000s, and that kinda breaks my heart. Kids these days (/me waves her cane) will never understand the unique magic of mixtapes and mix CDs! 🙂

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