Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Blue Moon

blue moon

Imagine that instead of this world, we live in another world where we come alive when we are given a small boat. We have to sail in our boats across treacherous seas, we have to learn to row, learn when just to float, learn when to pull down our small sail and when to lift it high into the sky to catch the wind. Some of us have different coloured boats, sometimes the red boat people sail together, sometimes the blue boat people try to sink the red boats. Some overload their boats and they begin to let in water, before sinking. Some think their boat isn’t good enough and paint on it to make it prettier. Some send their boats around in circles, instead of heading for the horizon. We don’t know what’s at the horizon – but boats disappear over it sometimes, far in the distance. Many sink a long way before that. Look after your boat and try not to impede the progress of other boats, because they’re all we have of importance.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Grafica Safiad ii mirror – image below (Men Only Monthly, until 14th Aug)
!APHORISM! Selene Collection – Blue Moon (The Gacha Garden, opens 1st Aug)


!APHORISM!’s Selene Collection comprises dresses, shoes, necklaces, bracelets and headpieces. It is inspired by the different stages of the moon, so you will find the items in 4 different colours:

Blood Moon (Rose)
Silver Moon (Silver)
Full Moon (Golden)
Blue Moon (Blue)

It comes in 5 standard sizes (the dress) and each individual piece of the collection could be used with other outfits, if it’s not a dressed-up kinda day.

Here’s a normal face-on shot of the dress and necklace, followed by the gacha key 🙂 Have a happy time shopping!

aphorism selene

!APHORISM! Selene Collection Key

2 thoughts on “Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Blue Moon

  1. Really love that boat analogy, Meri! It’s so true and apt, especially the part about not impeding the progress of other boats. If we all floated along at ease, knowing that even if some are faster or more efficient than we are, we would still all find our destination, imagine the calm and peaceful waters we’d be sailing!

    Also: you look gorgeous! ♥

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