Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | The Shipping Forecast

The shipping forecast

Did you ever watch Black Books? It was a great British comedy series and I just had to go out and get the DVDs when they came out. Fran gets a crush on Howell’s voice (who is reading the shipping forecast on the radio). Anyway, for those of you who haven’t seen it, go do so immediately, you’ll love it.

du jour

What to grab in Second Life today?

Pose | Grafica Laz (arm variant) (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Big Boat | Bandit MADPEA Sailing boat (MadPea’s Collection game starts 7 Aug)
Little Boat | Bandit ROWPEA Rowing boat (MadPea’s Collection game starts 7 Aug)
Skirt/Top | Du Jour Tropicalia Outfit (Du Jour Mainstore)
Hair | .LeLutka. Dakota Hair (LeLutka Mainstore)
Tattoo | [White~Widow} Footloose [Bell/Eve/Mait/Sking/Slink/TMP/Omeg/Tatt] (MadPea’s Collection game starts 7 Aug)


I have so much to tell you about today! Firstly, Du Jour welcome three new designs (of which this is one) into the mainstore after being an event exclusive. I love Tropicalia’s shape and particularly the tiered top makes me feel so girly and happy. It comes in five standard sizes, I’m wearing small here.

MadPea‘s brand new immersive game ‘Collection’ begins on the 7th August and there is a real hum about it in-world. The Collection is a grid-wide MadPea adventure with 3 levels of entry. There is a start zone, and end zone and 13 stops along the way at some of SL’s best known and most awesome creator’s locations. MadPea are famous for their games and hunts and this – like the best of them – is a combination of the two. It is a hunt, in that there are some fabulous prizes awaiting you – like the fantastic, detailed and fully functional boats and also the tattoos from White Widow, shown above.

You, yes you, can find out more about how to sign up for this fabulous game in Second Life by visiting MadPea’s blog and finding out how much the HUDs cost. I realise the Gold HUD is a little more than either the Bronze or Silver level HUDs, but honestly, I feel it’s worth it when you get such wonderful prizes as the gorgeous MadPea sailing boat shown.

What do you think?

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