Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Abject Apology

Abject Apology

I see that I cannot convince you of my innocence, yer Honour, but maybe I can convince you of my palpable sorrow. If you look into my eyes, you will see the pain and loss of a thousand women reflected back at you, the trials and suffering of my Mother and hers before her. I can promise you most sincerely, I will never again attempt to rob a bank in order to assuage the poverty and deprivation I experience day-to-day and I throw myself on your mercy, most gracious and wise judge. Do with me what you will.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Hat | MIAMAI Lou Glam Hat Flour (MIAMAI Mainstore)
Shoes | +Half-Deer+ Obel Sneakers Polka Mint (+Half-Deer+ Mainstore)
+Half-Deer+ Painted Rustic Bangles (not available)
[F]oil Candy Store Necklace (not available)
Blueberry Elina Side Tied Shorts Revamped [Mait/Frey/Isis/Ven/Sli/5ss] (Blueberry Mainstore! : Blueberry Marketplace)
Wasabi Pills Erin Mesh Hair – Powder (Fameshed)
Emery Lee Top [5ss plus Maitreya fitted mesh] (Fameshed)
AviCandy Rainbow Stripes [Layers/Omeg/Mait/Bell/Sli] (Mesh Body Addicts Fair)


I wanted to show you Blueberry’s Elina Side-Tied shorts which are a re-release for Blueberry. In short (geddit) this means that they were released some time ago and have now been revamped and versions included for the newest and happiest mesh bodies.

I’m also loving the new top available by Emery at Fameshed this time. I’ve not seen any fitted body mesh versions by Emery before and this one for Maitreya is excellent – it comes with the automatic alpha for the body in the top and fits a treat.

4 thoughts on “Secondlife Fashion from ReadMeri | Abject Apology

  1. Great post! I heard about the shorts being released again, but hadn’t seen it on anyone yet. It looks great! Can’t wait to see what other designers have in store for the Maitreya body =)

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