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I’ve been thinking recently about a phenomenon I think of as ‘The Joy of the Noob’.  Years ago, when AAi was a fledgling club, Thom and I used to go out to info hubs to meet noobs and encourage them to come to AAi. It was hard work, the info hubs were full of FTLs (failure to launch) avas, who were older but who seemed to have found their home in the infohub and didn’t want to go outside of that into the ‘real’ world.

Noobs have a certain freshness and joy in their discovery of SL that older avas simply don’t have. A while ago now, we had a comparative noob ask if he could DJ at AAi. He’d already learned how, got the software, played a few other places and still I was nervous. The reason was that noobs come and go and AAi isn’t that transitory, we like our DJs to hang around, but he was most persistent and was in the club most nights anyway. I had a chat with our Manager, Iain, who gave his vote of confidence and so we hired him. Tony did stay and his sets are fab.

He’s also involved in a ton of other things in SL, which means that he knows everybody and everybody knows him. After a while in SL you can get either too comfortable or too busy to go far beyond your normal haunts.

When my IM box bings and the words ‘Hi Meri, I’ve had an idea!’ pop up, I suppress my old-timer lazy reticence to do anything more at all, and remind myself to listen up and hope to embrace it because, although he’s no SL baby any more,  he’s the nearest thing we have  – a new generation – and his ideas are correspondingly fresh and enthusiastic.

I know people who say they hate noobs, or take the piss out of them for simply beng new (or ugly, lol), but new residents are the lifeblood of SL and without them the creativity and community we so much want to flourish would simply die. Long live noobs!

What to buy in Second Life today?

(NO) French Braided Pigtails Blonde, prev event, try (Nylon Outfitters Mainstore)
Addams Sophia Tank Top (Collabor88)
Maitreya Lara Body with Mesh Panties (Maitreya Mainstore)
{ DATUM } Faith [Mait/Bell/Sli/Omg/TMP/Tatt] prev TMD try (DATUM Mainstore : DATUM Marketplace)
Jian – Chester the Goat (We ❤ Role-Play)


I want to introduce you to Chester the Goat, a new release from Jian for We ❤ Role Play, which is open right now. Chester is size modifiable, there are options to change colour and he comes with both an animated and non-animated version. The animated version (shown) moves his head and tail, ‘baa’s’ occasionally and opens his mouth. He’s very cute. You too could have a friend like Chester!

Other items of note are the DATUM Faith tattoo, which was previously released for an event but which you should now be able to find at DATUM’s mainstore, and the Addams Sophia tank top which is part of the range from Addams at Collabor88 this month. It’s truly great work!

5 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion & Fun from ReadMeri | The joy of the noob

  1. Beautifully said, Meri! I’m technically an old-timer but after so many years away, I truly do feel like a newb and I hope that freshness never wears off, because it really has made the 2nd time around experience so fulfilling and fascinating. I hope that people who may have been around in the early days will continue to come back, and completely fresh faces will continue to stream into SL. It definitely goes a long way to make the world feel vibrant, resilient, and inspiring! ♥

      1. Awww, bless you, Meri! That really means a lot to me, thank you so much. In like kind, I love your style and unique point of view. Wonderful photos and always a fun read! ♥

  2. Heya, I’m new to SL and stumbled upon your blog via reddit. I just want to say thank you for always keeping an open mind to us “noobs”. I was lost the first couple of days but thanks to the kind souls and their guidance on SL, I’ve been exploring and loving everything SL has to offer. I’m 1 week in, and it’s been a joy. Im renting land for my house, furnishing, attending clubs and events, finding beautifully decorated landmarks, and most recently discovered sail boats. There is still so much I want to do, but so little time!

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