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You’ve no doubt heard people talk about ‘earning respect’ and saying things like ‘you can’t demand respect, you have to earn it’. And that may be true. The more somebody gets to know you, the more they will (hopefully) find that you are worthy of their genuine and heartfelt respect. However, the simplest and cleanest meaning of respect is to be respectful, to act in a respectful manner and it is this which is often lacking. To be respectful should be a default setting. Every person should be treated with respect and courtesy until their actions prove they are no longer deserving of that gentle treatment.

A lack of respect can be hurtful, demeaning and demoralising when you are on the receiving end, and then they’re not going to get the best out of you.

I didn’t write this to moralise at you, sweet reader, it’s because someone I care about was carelessly hurt recently by someone they care about and really, I guess, this is what I would have liked to say to the disrespector – “You show far more strength in being respectful than you ever could in being resentful”.

What to wear in Second Life today?

[RA] Nicki Hair ([RA] Marketplace)
{S.G} Weky Boots ({S.G.} Marketplace)
(BYRNE) Piedra Dress Black/Pink PREVIEW (The Instruments) Aug 18 – Sept 9


Well, I couldn’t wait to show you (BYRNE)’s new Piedra dress for The Instruments which opens on the 18th August, so here it is, a preview… It comes in 5 standard sizes and is so unusual and lovely. I took two shots of it so you can see it full length too.

Respectful full

6 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Respectful

  1. You’re so wise and thoughtful, Meri! And what you say is absolutely true: being gracious and treating others with respect and kindness should be our default, not something that others have to earn. And I love your respect vs. resent philosophy. Truer words never spoken! ♥

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