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It’s something of a standing joke in AAi that I bury the bodies in the the club’s Secret Garden. Well, they call it Meri’s Ladygarden (‘cus they think it sounds ruder), but they’re not so far off the mark. Sometimes, someone might IM and ask if I’d like to go shop for shoes with them and I say I can’t because I’m ‘Doing a bit of club admin right now’ of course that’s code for ‘burying the bodies of my victims’.

The good news is that in the picture above, the body shown is not actually dead! It’s my friend Peri who kindly agreed to lie on the floor while I took this picture to show you. Phew eh?

As proof, I offer you this adorable image of the two of us, taken shortly after the dig.


There she is, alive and well. We’re doing what we always do in quiet moments – contemplating each other’s cleavage as a calming mechanism. Aww boobs 🙂

What to wear in Second Life today?

Meri wears:

Pants | .miss chelsea. Cropped Harem Pants Steel for Maitreya (.miss chelsea. Mainstore)
Top | Blueberry Mina NEW! [Mait/Ven/Isis/Frey/Sli/5ss] (~uber~ August)
Hair | Lelutka Dalia (Lelutka Mainstore)
Boots | Reign Moccasin Boots (Reign Mainstore)

Peri wears:

Pants | Blueberry Sylvia Yog Pants [Mait/Frey/Isis/Ven/Sli/5ss] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Top | Addams Sophia Tank Top [Mait/Frey/Isis/Ven/Sli/5ss]  (Collabor88)


I wanted to show you Blueberry’s new Mina top which is at this round of Uber, the theme of which is ‘Sports’. It’s shown here on the Maitreya Lara with no alphas used at all (the risk is what makes it fun, only there seems to be no risk with this top!).

The pants I’m wearing are not new, but they are still cute and I got them at a previous round of Uber – bet you can find them at .miss chelsea.’s mainstore.

I don’t usually credit the clothes of any guests on the blog, but it so happens I recognise what Peri is wearing and it’s something I blogged myself not so long ago, I hope she doesn’t mind ❤

Hugs to you all, hope your hump day is going really swimmingly!

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