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My Mum was having a moan about her neighbours. How she takes parcels in for them, feeds their cats, keeps an eye on their property when they are away etc. and how they are never available to receive parcels for her when she needs them to. She proposed, as a solution, that she’d start to not take in their parcels or be available for them too.

I listened, ‘cus that’s only good manners when somebody needs a moan, and when she came to the end and her course of action, I suggested that she didn’t ‘get more mean’ as she put it. I said that ‘getting more mean’ can be a slippery slope to becoming a mean person and she’d not want that. She agreed.

Recently, I stopped talking to a long-term friend of mine in RL. It wasn’t going to be a forever not-talking situation, but she had hurt my feelings over something and so I withdrew. My Mum called me yesterday to tell me that my friend was having a very tough time, she said that she had all kinds of stresses and strains upon her and that she’d noticed I’d withdrawn and was asking my Mum why it might be. She’d even guessed what it might be and tentatively put it to Mum. My Mum reminded me of what I’d told her about not getting more mean, only last week. About how you can set yourself on a path and then find yourself at the end of that path, not the person you meant to be.

I thanked her most sincerely and called my friend. After all, being hoisted by your own petard is sometimes a humbling thing.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | Embody Peekaboo 3 (Embody Marketplace)
Tatt | { DATUM } Omen (Kinky Monthly until 20/9)
Jeans | Blueberry Skinny Jeans (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Hair | tram E817 shell (tram Mainstore)


I’ve been dying to show you this awesome tattoo from { DATUM } which is at Kinky Monthly at the moment. It’s an all over chest design, with sleeves and partial back and when I say ‘all over chest’ I mean just that. I see it and think ‘ow that’d have really hurt in RL’, but thankfully wearing it is painless in SL!

The Jeans are Blueberry’s fabulous skinny jeans which are my go to jeans for everyday wear.

The hair is new from Tram and can be found at their mainstore. You kinda go in, follow it around and the hair room is off on your right – you’ll find it.

7 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Namaste

  1. I have a few friends like that myself. We always resolve things and are the best buds again. It’s like i tell my wife. When i wasn’t working we fought like cats and dogs because there was no “alone time.” We were always around each other and never had a moment of our own. Friendships are like that as well, every so often you need a break. Hugs Meri!

  2. At least your friend seemed to be worried about your feelings (better later than never?) Some just are so self centered that never notice…
    Amazing beauty btw ☻

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