Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Hopscotch


Happy Saturday, ReadMeri readers! Nothing makes me feel so carefree as a game of hopscotch of a weekend. I know what you’re thinking too (hopscotch makes me psychic) you’re thinking… ‘But cassette tapes weren’t invented back when you want us to think this photo was taken’ but actually, cassettes were invented in 1962 and the outfit is 60s and Meri’s gone to a retro (at that time) 50s diner. Haha. You believe me right? There is a cool backstory, honest.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Venue | Nifty 50’s Diner
Pose | EverGlow Majorette Poses (Everglow @ Vintage & Cool Fair)
Bag | +Macabre+Flamand Bag Teal/White (Macabre@ Vintage & Cool Fair)
Dress | ANOIRCRE Soixante Dress Yellow [5ss] (ANOIRCRE @ Vintage & Cool Fair)
Jewellery | [Since 1975] Mixtape Cassette Necklace (Since 1975 @ Vintage & Cool Fair)
Hair | *Alice Project* Nancy Hair (Alice Project @ Vintage & Cool Fair)
Shoes | REIGN. Oxfords Teal [TMP/MAIT/BELL/SLI] (Reign @ Vintage & Cool Fair)


It’s a full rollcall from the Vintage & Cool Fair for today’s blog post and by that I mean that each and every item is from designers at that event. Firstly, nip over to the Nifty 50s diner for a visit. Somebody has gone to a lot of effort in this little themed place and it’s cute. I did de-render a shedload of stuff for the picture, to make the background appear more realistic, but you can expect to bump into Elvis and a load of other retro folks when you go.

The Macabre bag and the Anoircre dress seemed like they were meant to go together, they even have complimentary colours. I didn’t use the built-in pose for the bag (cus it’s on the floor obviously) but it’s very cute. The dress just sings to you ‘have meeee’ and you should obey.

The Nancy hair by the Alice Project is a super ponytail, suitable for wear in any decade. It comes with some cute options for a ‘go faster stripe’ as I think of it, or you can just be normal. (God knows I can’t).

The Reign Oxfords are just the cutest wee things. They fit the feet of all the major mesh bodies, plus Slink of course and come in various colour options.

Since 1975’s Cassette Tape necklace is so unusual it’s probably my fave little thing to come out of the whole fair – maybe, anyway – there are different options as to what it says on the tape too.

In summary, there’s so much at the Vintage & Cool Fair that really, if you’ve not been, you’re totally missing out on unbelievable vintageness and coolness.

What do you think?

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