Second Life Fashion & Fun from ReadMeri | The Conductor

music all around

For Meri, music had always been a physical, emotional experience. One that seemed tangible; today, however, there was no denying that it was actually visible and here in front of her.

the conductor

What to buy in Second Life today?

Music | MadPea’s Arcade Gacha Full Set – The Cursed Collection (The Arcade, September)
Dress | G-Field Karen Bib Dress Black [5ss] (G-Field @ Vintage & Cool Fair)
Hair | Lamb Bee Hair Blondes (Collabor88)


All items featured above come from MadPea’s Arcade Gacha Set – The Cursed Collection. The Cursed Collection is a set of original mesh instruments, featured in the MadPea adventure The Collection.
They are animated and play segments of the The Collection ‘Theme’. They can be worn or rezzed. When rezzed on the RARE stage and you wear the baton and sit on the stage…magic happens!
See for yourself! In addition there is an inbuilt mystery…each item at The Arcade includes a piece of a letter. When all the letter pieces are collected the letter will send you on a mystery resulting in an additional prize! We are not giving away too much information about how to play the additional mystery
but you should know that there is a lot more to The Cursed Collection than the instruments themselves. Those instruments have a dark history….

Additional Info about The Collection Game that originally featured these instruments can be found on these posts on the MadPea Blog here and here!

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