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First off, my little princes and princesses, I have a short story to tell you. Around the turn of the last century, a baby girl was born into a 2 room cottage on farmland in Southern Ireland. She wasn’t fated to be a lonely child either, she had many brothers and sisters, and her parents too. The cottage didn’t even have a tiled roof, it was thatched, and it belonged to the rich folks who owned the land. The children walked five miles to the nearest town to go to school each day, even from being five years old, and walked five miles home again.

Her father went out each day to farm the land and then, when our heroine was in her teenage years, he lost a leg. The landowners let them stay – the eldest boy now working the land too – and when he was feeling better, the father became a shepherd. Still, they were poor as church mice and feeding such a large family was a challenge indeed. The girls were sent overseas, one sister to the US, one to Liverpool and another – our girl – found her way to Nottingham in England to be a nanny.

Soon after arriving she met a boy and shortly after that, they married and had a family of their own – 7 children in fact. My mother was the penultimate baby, the last girl and she too spent her young life in poverty, although at least she didn’t have to walk so far to school and the roof was tiled. My great grandfather lost his other leg and died when my mother was a child. Our girl – my grandmother – died a cruel, slow death when I was 3 years old. I barely remember the specifics of her. I remember the feeling of playing near her as she sat in her chair and I remember her slippered feet. I remember her being gone.

I didn’t grow up in poverty, although there were times when there wasn’t much coming in. My Mum rejected Catholicism as a way of life (and a form of birth control) as a young person and so we had a smaller family. The family became broken, but still my Mum and I stayed close and talked about her mother and the tiny place where she’d grown up many times, over a cup of tea.

I’m setting out with Mum tomorrow to go to that place and feel our way through a pilgrimage of sorts. It’s a holiday, but one of the most important we’ve ever had. I hope you wish me luck on my travels – I’ll be gone from SL and the blog for a week.

What to buy in Second Life today?

Boots | Bax Prestige Thigh Boots [updated for mesh bodies] (Bax Mainstore)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Kai Hair (we ❤ RP September)
Shorts | Addams Gym Shorts (Kustom9)
Top | (BYRNE) DarlingAnna Top black (Sequin Event)
Tattoo | DATUM Tangle (Suicide Dollz)
Sofa | Toro. Dublin Sofas (The Mix at Toro)


The super sassy Kai hair by KoKoLoReS comes in a choice of 3 colour packs with 30 options in each pack. At the we ❤ RP Event, they packs are being sold at 25% off, which makes them only 225l$!

The (BYRNE) DarlingAnna Halter Top can be found in a gacha at the Sequin Event. It’s a loose cotton crop halter top with pastel baroque design. There are 2 RARES- Black & White and 4 Commons – Pastel Blue, Pastel Lavender, Pastel Pink, Pastel Yellow and it’s in 4 sizes.

DATUM’s Tangle Tattoo comes with appliers for all the mesh bodies, plus Omega and tattoo and other layers for your convenience. You can pick it up at Suicide Dollz right now!

The Toro sofa which is out for The Mix at their mainstore has a plethora of poses in-built and it seats you and 2 friends. At least I think it does, I didn’t have 2 friends to hand during my testing phase 🙂

3 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Parting is such sweet sorrow

  1. I always enjoy reading your stories, Meri, and am glad that you and your Mum will have the support of the other. Tight hugs to you both on your journey.

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