Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | I’m back!

It's a hard knock life

Hello my little pickles! Have you missed me? Naw, course you haven’t. You’ve been too busy enjoying the nice September weather and trying to teleport into Collabor88 haven’t you? Well, I too enjoyed the weather and my holiday. I didn’t touch a laptop or even Candy Crush for the duration, it was bliss.

Now I’m back in the saddle, raring to go ahead and show you some pretty things I got before I left for the Emerald Isle.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | Sari-Sari Comfy Sit (Sari-Sari Mainstore)
Top | !APHORISM! Vintage T-shirt Collection men & women (The Mens Dept from 5/9)
{Reverie} Detroit Garage Boots (The Mens Dept from 5/9)
Tee*fy Soft Wool Jersey Leggings Plaid (prev Hunt Item, try Tee*fy Mainstore)
Lamb. Hair Miss Daisy, gacha gift from friend, try (Lamb Mainstore)


Shoo-be-doo, love these boots from which are for either sex (male and female, large and small options provided) by Reverie and you can choose between Black, Brown, Tan and Vintage.

Aphorism’s Vintage T-Shirts are darn cute, again for either sex, they come in a choice of 4 prints and 4 colours – Black, Blue, White, Grey. They have a maximum render weight of 572.

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