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Everybody has a comfort blanket. I don’t mean a spitty rag that they carry around with them, but rather, things that make them feel satisfied and safe. For me, it’s tea and cats. When my china mug is full of a steaming tea with skimmed milk and no sugar and my cat is dozing by my feet, I know all is right with the world and it’s a good time to sit and write.

close up koko

It wasn’t always this way, once I ‘thrived’ on a diet of caffeinated coke and strong black coffee. I had to be hyped to keep up with the demands of my job, but that way of life took its tolll on me – physically and emotionally and now I’m a homebody, a comfort-seeker, a tea-drinker and a seeker of the kind of happiness and contentment you can only achieve in the arms of one who knows your imperfections and loves you anyway. Today I feel blessed.

In other news! Tonight, we’re having a party at AAi to launch a project I have been working on with two friends of mine from Second Life. The Pixtape Podcast is a collaborative effort bringing humour, games, music and fun to anyone who wishes to listen. Basically, we’ve done a half hour podcast where we explore certain areas (the current one is ‘The Criminal Soundtrack’) and we’ve further produced a half hour playlist containing all the songs. I’m tullin ya, it’s wicked fun.

So, what I want you to do – sweet reader – is to go listen to our very first Pixtape Podcast (I’m the goofy English one) and let us know what you think. I’m also personally inviting you to our launch party tonight, because I can’t rob you of that opportunity. To miss it would be criminal – don’t make me kidnap you!


What to buy in Second Life today?

Decor | Jian Bookworm’s Lounge Adult or PG (Jian Mainstore)
Top | Tee*fy Octavia Top Cream [5ss/Mait/Sli](Collabor88)
Jewellery | DATUM Death Mark Teal (DATUM Mainstore)
Hair | KoKoLoReS Hair Amber Roots & Fades (Cosmetic Fair Gachalicious)
Jeans | Addams Lixie Ripped Super Skinny Jean & Chain Belt [Mait/Ven/Isis/Frey/Slink/5ss] (Kustom9)


KoKoLoReS have prepped something gorgeous for the Cosmetic Fair Gachalicious, which runs from September 15th – 30th. Each play of 65L$ will net you one hair colour and there are two rares to get with full colour HUDs – yay to that! This hair is unrigged and resizeable and you can see the key for the gacha below. KoKo lovely folks – if you read this, Amber is my fave hair so far – thank you very much.

[KoKoLoReS] Hair Amber - Gacha key

Addams have made some very fashionable ripped-option jeans for Kustom9 this round. Ah they’re the great quality you’ll already expect, if you are an existing Addams customer. Of course, each option comes with fitted mesh versions for each of the major mesh bodies plus 5 standard sizes. I got comments on my butt… tha’s all I’m sayin’

Jian’s Bookworm Lounge is awesome. I spent a happy few minutes reading the titles of the books which made me giggle and another happy few minutes playing with the colour and texture change HUD to make it fit in nicely to my living room decor. It has lots of poses – singles, cuddles and *coughs* (*coughs* only available in the adult version). Go over to Jian right now and get down to it (I MEAN SHOPPING – GAWD YOU’RE SO FILTHY).

Datum are perhaps a brand known best for their tattoos, but lately they have been producing jewellery and piercings which is a very fun sideline! The Death Mark is actually not at all grim and very lovely. It’s a head-piercing which, of course, you’d never get me to have in RL, but it’s so pretty in SL. It comes in 3 colour options and I’ve shown you Teal here, as I like it the very best.

Wow that was a bumper post – my tea is getting cold. I had better get on and let you do likewise, but I’ll be back and hopefully see you later for the launch party. If you can’t make it, I’d still love to know what you thought of the podcast – after all, we want to make it as good as possible. Hugs! ❤

7 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion & Decor from ReadMeri | Tea and Cats

    1. Aimee sweets, I really like your blog. I’m always looking for new places to go and explore, but I can’t find your ‘follow’ button – it’s probably me, I’m an idiot, but do you have it turned off or something? Is that even possible? Answers on a postcard care of ‘Idiot at ReadMeri’ will find me ❤

      1. Aww, i think WordPress changed things recently and now the Follow button shows up for me at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen (when at the top of the page). I hope that helps ^^

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