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MadPea Michael the Comedian
MadPea Michael the Comedian

So, this may be an unusual post. For a start, it’s not about fashion. Secondly, there are no pictures of me (oiiiiiiiiii, no I’m not just having a bad hair day – cheeky).

MadPea Gordon the Ghoul
MadPea Gordon the Ghoul

MadPea is perhaps one of the more unusual brands in SL that I blog for. They exist as a business with one simple directive, it seems, be creative to provide fun for people in Second Life.

MadPea Glowing Samneric
MadPea Glowing Samneric

With the result that sometimes, I find myself taking photos of these guys (who all became my good friends within a short space of time).

MadPea Tarrare the Piranha
MadPea Tarrare the Piranha

They are all new releases available at MadPea’s Mainstore and they are pretty large and after rezzing, they can be set to follow you, or indeed, follow somebody else in the area.

MadPea Henry the Slug
MadPea Henry the Slug

They also all have their own individual talents. They follow, stalk, eat, get a little crazy, glow in the dark – all sorts! Michael the Comedian tells jokes and he’s probably my fave. We got along great. You can find more info about them on the MadPea blog and can buy them at the MadPea Mainstore – perfectly in time for Halloween!

Please read this part

With MadPea producing so much in the way of inworld entertainment – games, hunts, murder mysteries and loads more – I sometimes feel that I’m not able to spare the time to give them all the love they deserve, so when Mari of MadPea got in touch and asked me to take part in an SL ‘Celebrity’ Auction to benefit Live and Learn in Kenya. I objected, I offered to help in other ways, I said, like many of those taking part ‘but I am not an SL Celebrity’ but in the end, it would have been churlish to not give in and allow them to auction me off. It’s for a good cause and if I get any bids at all, it’s a little more towards helping children get a start in life they’d not otherwise have had.

This is what MadPea had to say recently about the project:

“We just received this amazing video from the school in Kenya that your generous donation of time is going to be having a direct affect on.  The project manager explains the school set up and thanks you and MadPea for your time and taking part in the Auction. You can even see the half built classroom that we plan to raise enough money to complete.”

All this is taking place on the weekend of the 25-27 September. You can expect tons of entertainment, as well as the opportunity to bid on ‘SL Celebs’ and word has it that they bagged a couple of Lindens too! Course, many of these ‘SL Celebs’ have skills, and so they are able to give the 2 hour slot over to putting themselves to work in a useful manner for the auction winner. I have little in the way of skills… I’m at a bit of a loss as to what I could do, but I could create some pictures maybe, if you’d like that, or umm… I could talk to you about online marketing and SEO (a part of what I do as a dayjob) or erm… I could clean your bathroom ’til it shines!

So, if you ever liked me, ever cared at all, please scrape up a couple of L$ and come to bid on me. Otherwise when they call my name it’ll just be the sound of the wind whistling through the trees and my heart pumping in my own ears, puce with embarrassment and wishing I’d donated Thom instead.

On the flip side, if you’d like to help by being auctioned off yourself, they are still looking for a few ‘SL Celebs’ to be bid upon.

You can find out more about this by visiting The MadPea blog.

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend, and send you my hugs ❤

5 thoughts on “Second Life Craziness from ReadMeri | Do the Monster Mash

      1. We did consider ‘SL Reasonably Well Known Residents That you May or May Not Have Heard Of Auction’ but it wouldn’t fit on the poster 😛

  1. I think what you’re doing is fantastic MadPea, and Luce, you never know, you might bag a bargain 😀 And god yes, I do hope I don’t get auctioned off to a pixel slave trader haha.

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