Second Life Fashion & Decor from ReadMeri | Walking on a Dream

aphorism and reverie

Mondays don’t have to be moandays, especially not when you got a top quality 6 hours of sleep, prettily littered with dreams that were not totally awful. Yay for me! I’ve had boiled egg and soldiers for lunch, I’ve done the worst of my work for the day and the rest should be all downhill from here. I’m back reading Stephen King as that seems to be my comfort blanket at the moment – I don’t know about you but sometimes I get stuck on something that I find comforting, literature wise, and it seems that the more scary my night time reading, the less chance I have nightmares – strange huh?

What to buy in Second Life today?

[E3D] Diaorama – Falling ([E3D] on Marketplace)
!APHORISM! Cara Dress Black Size M (Shiny Shabby)
[RA] Jane V2 Hair Blondes ([RA] on Marketplace)
{Reverie} Day Dream Aged Chest in Vintage (Shiny Shabby)
{Reverie} Day Dream Candle Light Chandelier in Vintage (Shiny Shabby)
{Reverie} Day Dream Dreamers Dresser in Vintage (Shiny Shabby)
{Reverie} Day Dream Dreamers Frame RARE in Vintage (Shiny Shabby)
{Reverie} Day Dream Nest of Tables in Vintage (Shiny Shabby)
{Reverie} Day Dream Wooden Bird Two in Vintage (Shiny Shabby)
{Reverie} Day Dream World’s End Clock RARE in Vintage (Shiny Shabby)


It’s a bumper crop this time from Shiny Shabby which opened yesterday. !APHORISM!’s Cara dress is elegant and chic, coming in five sizes of original mesh and in 5 colours (Black, Grey, Blue, Brown & Crimson). If you buy the fatpack, you can expect a texture change HUD for the dress and each pack comes with a Maitreya Autohide feature which alpha’s out the relevant parts of your body. I’m wearing it with the Maitreya Lara in the picture above, although the dress is not fitmesh, I simply reduced my tits n ass to suit! You can expect the Render Weight to be (equal to or less than) 680.

{Reverie}’s collection for Shiny Shabby is a gorgeous selection of furniture which I used to create a dreamscape to climb in my picture, above. It’s a gacha prize system so you can have fun playing to get the pieces you want and do swapsies with friends or re-sell any duplicates.

Here’s the key:

{Reverie} Day Dream Gacha Key

A few bits I noticed… the clock works! The chandeliers also work (i.e. they are lights) and the details are awesome. You won’t be disappointed.

What do you think?

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