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Happy Wednesday you awesome people. How do I know you’re awesome? Well, you’re here aren’t you, reading my words of Wednesday and wondering why I have next to nothing on. I have no excuses… well, I have one excuse. I had to show you something that I couldn’t if I were wearing a top.

I’ve also done a censored version which I will pop into my bloglet below and use as the cover image and for Facebook. This is because apparently, the sight of unfettered female nipples is intensely rude and those sheltered folks in the FB offices might just explode with misplaced and uncontrollable lust, humping each other over desks and making loud monkey noises.

The shopping came in rl here this morning. My housemate began to put it away ‘cus he was quicker off the mark than me. I said ‘No, no, I’ll do that, you go and relax’ and he was (understandably) perplexed as I don’t normally say that when he does things. He said ‘Don’t you like me to see the shopping?’ I said ‘No, it’s not that, it’s just my job’. He said ‘But there’s a lot of cake’, I said ‘No, there’s not a lot of cake, there’s some cake but it’s not a lot of cake and that’s not why I don’t want you to put the shopping away – put the damn shopping away for all I care’. Anyway, I let him put the shopping away and within 10 minutes he was calling me into the kitchen, asking me to do my fabulous Jenga-style work on the fridge, because he couldn’t fit everything in there.

I said ‘This is why I don’t like you to put away the shopping’ and felt I had scored a moral victory, but the fact is, he was spot on about the cake. I always share the cake, but sometimes when I have a cake splurge in the shopping, I feel a bit bad about seeing it there and it so obviously not being fruit or some carrots.

If you would like to live in a house with a lot of cake and allow me to put the shopping away, please send your application on a postcard to…

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | Grafica googoo v mirror (The Photography Hunt, see below)
Bottoms | Blueberry Tyrkini Bikini Bottoms  [Mait/Ven/Isis/Frey/Slink/5ss] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Hair | Little Bones Feline Hair – prev gift, try (Little Bones Mainstore)
Hat | Foxes The Craft Hat Tan (Collabor88)
Earrings | JianJAM Stepped Earrings (Jian Mainstore)
Piercings | DATUM Afrika Piercings (Kinky Monthly, opens 25/9)


The Grafica googoo pose set is a 10 pose set (including 5 mirror poses) which is going to be available as one of the hunt prizes at The Photography Hunt, which starts on 1st October. The deal is that each hunt prize will cost the hunter 5l$ and will relate to photography in some way – so you might get poses or props for example. I think it’s going to be a very well attended hunt by bloggers – I certainly intend to get my cake fed ass up off my lounger and go do it. You can find out more about it and get the URLs when it opens by visiting the Photography Hunt blog.

In other ‘this blog’ related news, JianJAM (you’ll remember, this is Jian’s jewellery division) have released these gorgeous earrings with a HUD so you can change metal colour and also bead colour – very pretty.

DATUM’s risque Afrika piercings look darn painful to me, but also pretty if you like to go out with your nips on show 🙂 They are the new release for the Kinky Monthly event which opens on the 25th.

You can’t see a lot of Blueberry’s Tyrkini Bikini bottoms in this shot, but you can see them more clearly in this blog post, this blog post and this blog post. Never let it be said I wear things only once!

Finally the ‘Mild Thing’ picture to appease the censorship beasts… they didn’t have any large censorship bars left in the shop, so I had to make do with small. I bet guys bought all the large ones to make their schlongs look bigger 😉

wild thing censored

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