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the winner

I like to fight with my back to the edge, it’s where I fight best. 

Morning Sugarplums! It is bright and lovely here in Meriland today – and quiet – oh how I love me some quiet. I’ve got a very call filled day coming up though, so I’m going to have to pull up my socks and get on with it very soon.

Speaking of socks. Last weekend (in rl) after sorting through what seemed like many hundreds of pairs of shoes and boots, I realised I don’t have any black ankle boots with a low to moderate heel that I could wear with jeans but still be slightly dressy – I’m sure you know the type I mean. So I ordered two pairs online that I thought might be nice, but in a moment of madness thinking about Winter weather and socks, I ordered a size up on both.

The boots have arrived and – unsurprisingly, perhaps – they are both way too big. Crapola! Now I have to begin again by sending them back and waiting for receipt confirmation, then ordering a smaller pair. These are the days when you think ‘I shoulda just gone to a shoe shop’.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Venue | Hazardous
Pose | Pose Grafica penance iii (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Top | Tee*fy Octavia Top Creme (Collabor88)
Hair | Lamb. Wake Up – Gacha gift from a friend, try (Lamb Mainstore)
Skirt | {Reverie} ‘Lost Innocent’ Skirt [5ss/Sli/Fitted mesh] (~uber~ September, opens 25th)


{Reverie}’s new design for Uber, opening tomorrow, is the ‘Lost Innocent’ Skirt which formed the basis for this outfit and look. It comes in a choice of six colours and – new thing alert – it comes with a general fitted mesh version and a Slink fitted mesh version, plus 5 standard sizes and a Maitreya auto-hide feature. Ok so this may be a touch confusing for readers so I’m going to lay it out real simple 🙂

If you have a standard body, you can choose from the 5 standard sizes or go for the fitted mesh option, which should adhere more closely to your body shape.

If you are using a mesh body, you can try the Slink version provided which – if you have a Slink body – will probably fit like a glove. However, I’m using it here with the Maitreya body and I don’t think it’s a bad fit at all – I sometimes use the Slink fitted mesh version in a pack when the Maitreya doesn’t seem to fit quite right at the back anyway. The Maitreya auto-hide feature is a prim you attach and then unattach, but it automatically blanks out the relevant body parts on your body and HUD. Always take it off, if you don’t, it’ll keep changing your alpha-age back to the one for the skirt.

So, now we’ve chosen which fit you should go for, you can think about the skirt itself. I can simply say you will not be disappointed with the texturing and lovely belt of this statement piece. Go get some!

What do you think?

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