Second Life Accessories from ReadMeri | Nightswimming


No, you first.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | Frozen Face Poses (Frozen Mainstore)
Venue | Saint Pete City
Watch | RealEvil LUX Baroq Watch (Cosmopolitan Event)
Necklace | RealEvil Raven Collar – Heart Female RV (Cosmopolitan Event)
Rings | Cae Phases Rings for Maitreya (Cae Mainstore)
Rings | ieQED irina Ring set for Maitreya (ieQED Mainstore)


I’ve been itching to show you RealEvil’s designs for the Cosmopolitan Event now on in Second Life. Regular readers of my blog will know that RealEvil watches are always a major event for me, because I know how fabulous they are and the LUX Baroq Watch is not a disappointment, it’s gorgeous. The RealEvil Raven Collar is the most beautiful piece of RV enabled jewellery I’ve ever seen. So, if you’re into the sub thing – done deal! If you aren’t, it’s still a stunning piece and comes with a colour and texture change HUD. I can’t emphasize the quality of this stuff enough.

I’ll wear it a lot, so you will be seeing it again.

Also, I wanted to say that as a fashion blogger, it’s easy to lose inspiration for beautiful places and backgrounds for your shots and, when my computer will allow it, I like to get out to take pics rather than doing them in my studio. I have a Flickr friend who produces gorgeous landscapes from SL and always publishes the sim – so now I simply go and pick one of his to visit. I’d urge you to go see him on Flickr and enjoy what he’s doing, it’s very lovely. Max Romero on Flickr.

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