Second Life Decor from ReadMeri | Protecting the Babies

weasel nativity_005

I just hate unfinished business. It beetles at me and nudges me constantly. For this reason I was excellent at being in a job but conversely, for this reason, anything hanging over me causes me quite a lot of stress. I’ve woken up today with a potentially dangerous attitude, one that means I might have to sweep clean some of the residual mess which has accumulated around the edges of my life. Of course you, dear Reader, have no idea what I’m burbling on about (or you’re thinking ‘Godamnit! Me too!’) and I hate doing that. Suffice it to say that I’ve a stand-off going on with a relative, someone who doesn’t deal well with bringing things out into the open and sorting them and so I don’t hold out much hope of a successful resolution. Today, though, I feel that my style of sorting it out might – at least – bring the matter to a close and that it might be enough for some peace of mind.

What to buy in Second Life today?

Shed | {XO} Cherry Bomb – Tahrah Garden Shed & Accessories Full Perm ({XO} Cherry Bomb)
Planter | Construct – Mesh Bathtub Planter (Construct Mainstore : Construct Marketplace)
Animals | {Reverie} A Weasels Story RARE collection (Seasons Story, opens 10/10)


Reverie have designed these gorgeous weasels for The Seasons Story which opens on the 10th October. Each one has its own personality and each weasel set comes in various colourways. So it works this way – it’s a gacha, and with each win you can get a collection of the weasels with certain coloured fur – aww. The albino ones shown are one of the rare prizes and the nursing family (with colour change HUD) is also rare. See what’s available below:

{Reverie} 'A Weasels Story' Key

What do you think?

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