Second Life Fashion & Decor from ReadMeri | Morning Life

Good Morning

In my ideal world, I wake up in a beautiful room. I slip elegantly from the covers and immediately make my bed, then throw open the French windows to my balcony. At this point, I’m interrupted by my immaculately dressed and scented lover (who is on his way out, I’m not big on morning convos), he says ‘Good Morning darling, you look beautiful’ and hands me a cup of tea. I sit in the open doorway and the brisk morning breeze blows my hair from my face as I watch the birds circle and sing as they fly over the lake.

interior shot

In my actual world, I struggle to surface in the morning, waking usually needing a wee. I drag myself from my pit and stagger half-blind down the landing, naked. I arrive in the bathroom cold and a bit miserable. I wash and look at my face – it does not glow – that is what make up is for I suppose, however, it’s too early to face make up. I dress – often badly as I work from home – and then go downstairs to find last night’s washing up still there and to make my own tea and the cat’s breakfast. I turn on the computer and start work. Pff.

What to buy in Second Life today?

Nighie | Foxes Nightie White – Maitreya (Prev event, try Foxes Mainstore)
Pose | [Shi.S.] The First Cold Days Pose (Swank Event)
Hair | Exile Twisted Firestarter female (MadPea’s Peatonville Asylum Gold Hunt Prize)
Jian Aurelia Bedroom White incl: Bed, Chest, Dog Bed, Leaf Decor, Night Stand
(Also available Art and Window Decor) (The Seasons Story from 10/10)


The Seasons Story opened at the weekend and Jian has this new Aurelia Bedroom set out. The FULL set is 20% off. Also sold individually at normal prices. There are loads of different texture changes available, both to wood colour and bedding, and you can choose from PG or Adult bed, depending on how naughty you’d like to get. It’s an exclusive for the event, so get over there and grab yours, it’s lush.

The Exile Twisted Firestarter hair is so cute. It’s an exclusive colour pack for MadPea’s Peatonville Asylum game and is the gold prize. You can read all about how to play the game by clicking on the link above, it’s worth it for the game alone but the prizes are awesome.

Shi.S. has released some new poses for the Swank Event, of which this is one. I love how expressive and relaxed it looks. I’ve also not been to the Swank Event before, so this is a good opportunity to branch out if you haven’t either.

What do you think?

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