Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Reconnaissance


The world looked much the same as before. The sun still rose and set, the trees seemed unaffected and sometimes you even saw small animals, which we’d hunt for food. Of course, since the Walkers came, we all felt like we were hunted. Recon wasn’t Meri’s favourite chore, especially when – like today – she didn’t have a gun. She paused, listening intently to the sound of something moving in the bushes. Standing stock still, her heart beating so hard and fast she feared it was audible. Meri said over and over in her head ‘It’s more scared of you than you are of it’, which was frankly ludicrous. It was what her Mum had said whenever she’d become hysterical over a spider in her bedroom. She didn’t believe that spiders were scared of her, any more than the Walkers were. A final and definite hustle of movement caused her head to whip around in time to see a hedgehog scuttling across the path, but before her brain had processed the information, she’d screamed. The sound echoed across the wide-open terrain and she cursed herself as she began to hear the shouts of the others drawing nearer. They would never let her live this one down back at camp.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Piercing | DATUM Arrow Black (DATUM Mainstore)
Weapon | Jian Ween Bat Studded RARE Gacha Prize (The Epiphany Gacha Event)
Hair | KoKoLoReS Kyle (GEN-Neutral Round 2)
Top | Vinyl Stump Hoodie/Tshirt combo (Vinyl Mainstore)
Skirt/Stockings | Blueberry Ena Belted Skirt & Stockings (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Watch | RealEvil Revox MGX Watch Female (RealEvil Mainstore : RealEvil Marketplace)


Blueberry’s new mainstore release – the Ena belted skirt and stockings is so lovely and so SL – I’m sure you know what I mean about that. Since time began in SL, skirts and stockings have been so integral to the fashion consciousness, but never has it been done THIS well! It comes in Maitreya Lara, the three Belleza sizes, Slink size and 5 standard sizes and fits perfectly. It also comes with its own underpants and a HUD for those too. You can change metal colours, garter colours and everything – don’t just accept my word, go get your own and have a play.

The gorgeous KoKoLoReS hair got its first outing in SL with me last night whereupon it received many compliments, it really is super and smashing 😀 It’s available at GEN-Neutral and that’s because it is suitable for male or female avatars or indeed, those avatars which identify as gender neutral!

The RealEvil Revox MGX Watch has had outings on this blog many times before, you can see it in a little more detail (and a different colour set) here. I recommend all of their stuff most vociferously.

I hope you’re all having a good midwok and I’ll be back tomorrow with more goodies to show you ❤

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