Second Life Fashion & Decor from ReadMeri | 7 more years bad luck

7 more years bad luck

“7 more years bad luck?” moaned the Defender of the Unicorns and sighed. Checking your reflection when you had a spike on your head wasn’t always easy, just one wrong move up or down, left or right and bam, another mirror broken. She wondered when her bad luck would begin, what form it would take and how she would begin to cope with it. The Shaman moved silently through the windows, she wasn’t there because of the broken mirror, she was simply there, but Meri wasn’t to know that. Meri would assume it was down to her mirror mistake when she realised.

What to buy in Second Life today?

Crown | Noodles Shard Crown Gold Prize (MadPea’s Peatonville Asylum)
Hair | TUKINOWAGUMA Raisa Hair Colour HUD 1 (Pastel Goth Fair opens 16/10)
Hairband | .:Pulse:. Dita Gothica Unicorn & roses headband black (Pastel Goth Fair opens 16/10)
Outfit | Addams Marion Hero Costume incl gloves, mask & boots [Mesh bodies see below] (Epiphany Gacha Event)
Mirror | irrie’s Dollshouse – Joan’s Haunted Mirror Silver prize (MadPea’s Peatonville Asylum)
Windows | Jian Aurelia Bedroom Windows (The Seasons Story)
Shaman | meadowWorks Soul Stone Shamam Gold Prize (MadPea’s Peatonville Asylum)


First of all, the Pastel Goth Fair from We Do SL Events opens its doors tomorrow – 16th October at 1pm slt. You will then have 14 days in which to do your shopping, as it closes on 30th October at 4pm slt. You can expect a whole host of designers offering a multitude of cute and unusual items of fashion and accessories to jazz up your wardrobe.

The Pulse Hairband is one such example, it’s gorgeous with its roses and unicorn horn in the middle and comes in a variety of goth and pastel goth colours. The hair by TUKINOWGAUMA is called Raisa and is so cute for RP or Cosplay styling too. The HUDs have a huge amount of colours from which to choose, which also makes it a good purchase.

You can find more information on the Pastel Goth Fair (including landmarks when it opens tomorrow by keeping up with the WeDoSLEvents team on Facebook or visiting their blog.

Pastel Goth_Poster

Addams Marion Hero Costume has been released for the Epiphany Gacha Event and is compatible with the following mesh bodies – Belleza Fantasy, Isis, Venus, Maitreya Lara, Slink plus 5 standard sizes. It’s so awesome. Honestly, the detail on the leather is incredible and I’ve taken a close up to show you, but still don’t know if I quite did it justice.

close up addams

Finally, I’m showing you three items from MadPea’s Peatonville Asylum Game which are available as prizes to those who buy the appropriate HUD. The Noodles crown is cute and went well with my outfit I felt, it is their Gold Prize for the event. They tried to fool me by labelling it ‘Shard Necklace’ which is the Silver Prize, but I wasn’t to be put off so easily.

irrie’s Dollhouse give us the Silver Prize  – Joan’s Haunted Mirror, which I like very much, aside from it being broken. Or, maybe because it’s broken. Let’s face it, in SL, mirrors have no use at all, but a broken one does draw the eye!

The meadowWorks Stone Shaman is their gold prize for the Peatonville Asylum game and it’s wow. When I first unwrapped her I thought ‘Whatever am I going to do with her?’ and then I realised, she could be my bête noire, my nemesis, my worst enemy.

Finally, finally, Jian’s bedroom furniture you saw the other day, but I didn’t get chance to show you the windows they also have on sale at the Seasons Story, so I simply bunged a few in here as a backdrop and I think they work beautifully well. Go get some, let the sunshine in.

And please don’t worry about me. The Shaman always puts curses on me, the mirror always breaks and I still get up each day and do my hair and choose my shoes, cus that’s what we do isn’t it? ❤

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