Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | The Devil Wears Nada

The Devil Wears Leaves

But I am not she, merely a pretender in a hot dress. This weekend we’re going away for a few days so SL will have to manage without us. I know what this means… when I’m gone AAi becomes a hotbed of inappropriate action. Might be a good time for a visit if you haven’t been before 🙂 O’course this also means there will be no more blogs until probably Tuesday next week. Shocker.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Dress | Blueberry Devil Pure Evil Dress – Red (Epiphany Gacha Event)
Horns | Blueberry RARE Devil Horns – Fade into me (Epiphany Gacha Event)
Pitchfork | Blueberry Pitchfork Pure Evil (Epiphany Gacha Event)
Hair | CaTwA Jessica Hair (CaTwA Mainstore)
Boots | Pure Poison Adrianna Boots (Collabor88)
Pose | Shi.S. Fallen Leafs Pose (The Dressing Room Fusion)


The devilish releases from Blueberry for The Epiphany Gacha Event are just gorgeous and, of course, very timely. They come in a variety of colours but I felt red was a must. You can just about see in this picture, but you might not have noticed, but the dress has a devil’s tail too! Cute or whut? It comes with fitted mesh versions for the 3 Belleza bodies, the Slink Physique and the Maitreya Lara, plus 5 standard sizes.

Shi.S.’s Fallen Leaves Pose is so joyous and Autumnal that I couldn’t resist the idea of the devil celebrating the upcoming Halloween celebrations with a roll in the leaves.

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