Second Life Fashion & Decor from ReadMeri | Dancing for the Cats

Dancing for the Cats

So, we came back from our trip away yesterday. It was 3 days and nights of absolutely no responsibility, a fair amount of beer, good conversation and watching ‘Fear of the Walking Dead’ – a spin off series of The Walking Dead. I wasn’t expecting much of the new series, but honestly, was good. Thom’s only criticism is that for a zombie-based series, there were precious few zombies. I’m thinking that might change as we get beyond episode 3 and into the darker regions of episodes 4 to 6.

Anyway, with Halloween on the horizon, I wanted to do a scene which was both seasonal and yet cute – no zombs here!

What to buy in Second Life today?

Leaves | from Shi.S. Fallen Leaves Pose set (The Dressing Room Fusion)
Batcat | {Reverie} ‘Witchcraft Wannabe’ Noir Cat RARE (Wayward Halloween opened 17/10)
Cats | {Reverie} ‘Witchcraft Wannabe’ Street Cat Dirty White (Wayward Halloween)
Cats | {Reverie} ‘Witchcraft Wannabe’ Street Cat Brown (Wayward Halloween)
Cats | {Reverie} ‘Witchcraft Wannabe’ Street Cat Black (Wayward Halloween)
Caravan | Zigana Gypsy Caravan (Zigana Mainstore)
Lanterns | {Reverie} ‘School Work Spooky Crafts’ Pumpkin Pastel, Frank Pastel & Warewolf Pastel (Kustom9)
Doll | {Reverie} ‘Oh Salem Dolls’ Maria Hanging Doll (TAG! Gacha opened 16/10)

Hat | {Reverie} ‘Witchcraft Wannabe’ Wearable Hats – Brown (Wayward Halloween)
Toy | Jian Cuddle Creepers Radioactive Bunny (TAG! Gacha)
Shoes | Essenz Bordeaux for Maitreya/Slink (Pastel Goth Fair)
Top | Anachron Sweet Sweater – Dead Cute (Pastel Goth Fair)
Hair | Illmatic Frenchie Honeycomb (Illmatic Mainstore)
Bag | Jian Mischief Backpack – Dia De Los Muertos (Wayward Halloween) 35l$ a play!
Skirt | Addams Silvana Denim Skirt wi Belt [Mait/3 Belleza Bods/Slink/5ss] (Kustom9)
Tatt | Datum Shine Tattoo [Bell/Mait/Omeg/TMP/Sli/Layers] (Lubbly Jubblies @ Cleavage)


Such a lot to tell you about today! We’ll begin with the TAG! Gacha where you can find Reverie’s ‘Witchcraft Wannabe’ collection gacha and Jian’s Cuddle Creepers Toys. TAG! Gacha works a little differently from other gacha events in that players must start at the Haunted Mortuary and tag 50 special points in each of the participating stores to get a Trick or a Treat.

Every set at TAG! has a mystery rare that can only be obtained through a special coupon that can randomly be won in place of the other rare(s). This coupon is taken to a special room to redeem for the prize. The prize is, of course, a mystery!

Pastel Goth Fair offers two designers who’ve had an input in this shot – Essenz with their Bordeaux shoes and Anachron with their Sweet Sweater, both dead cute and very on theme.

Wayward Halloween is worth a visit as you can find Jian’s Mischief Backpacks – a real bargain at only 35l$ a punt, and they are gorgeous. Reverie’s cats are also to be found there, with the uber-cute Bat Cat, as I call him, available as the rare gacha prize.

I used Shi.S.’s pose ‘Fallen Leaves’ in my post ‘The Devil wears Nada‘ but the leaves are so wonderful I wanted to use them again, I personally think it’s worth buying just for the leaves but the original pose is dead cute too.

The Addams Silvana skirt is just the thing for Autumnal fashion. The leather and canvas belt is adorable and colour change via HUD, in addition to metal and stud colours. You should grab one and find some cute tights to go with it.

I’m not wearing tights because I wanted to show you DATUM’s Shine Leg tatt which is at Lubby Jubblies right now. It comes with appliers for all the mesh bodies, plus Omega and layers.

Here’s some serious close-up shots guys, so you can see all the beautiful detail and work these designers have put into the shiny things. You can click on it and make it HUGE.

close ups

And here are the Gacha keys for Jian:

jian keys

and the ones for the gorgeous {Reverie} things:reverie keys

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