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Den Mother

It never does to stick around in one area too long and this area was certainly hot now. Time to change names and appearance and move on to pastures new. There’s just one last loose end to tie up first… you.

Yesterday, Pixtape released a brand new podcast and mixtape where we interviewed the wonderful Blueberry – you all know who she is if you’re here reading this! She talks about what it’s like being a designer in SL, some of the challenges and rewards, the fight for recognition and development of newer designers and mesh bodies. It’s well worth a listen. We finished off by asking her what she loved and hated about SL and she spilled.  So yeah, go listen to Chris and I interview Blueberry, and write in to Scarlet if you have any agony aunt style problems she can solve. Listen here, Like us on Facebook here.

It got me thinking about the things I love and the things I hate about Second Life. I keep a little notepad of things that bug me about SL on my PC desktop (yes, they bug me that much, haha). Here we go, my wee list of love/hate thangs:


I hate it when you land somewhere and a landmark giver gives you a landmark. The bugbear here is that a) I just got there, so I know where it is and b) If I want a landmark, I can take one.

I hate it when I buy something and the creator doesn’t put a landmark in the folder. This means that after a year when I put something on – yet again – I think, ‘Y’know, this is really fab, I should go over there and buy some more stuff’ or ‘I’d love this in yellow, I’ll go grab one’ but then I have to faff around looking it up on search or trying to get the creators name so I can look at their profile, which is often not up to date – GAH!

With some confusion, I respectfully submit the lack of shoe bases in new shoes packages these days. I mean… what happened? Did they all of a sudden become not required? I don’t want to have to keep faffing with my hover height. A shoe base worked great and I could save it in an outfit and always be the right height.

Boxes – I hate for a start boxed demos. Who in their right mind would box up a demo so you can’t open it in a no-rez area to try on the damn thing? Nobody, that’s who. You’re crazy – creator boxer person! Also, creators who box up a skirt they made in cobalt blue, and then put that in a box with the sweater in cobalt blue (also in a box) and then put those boxes in a box called ‘Cobalt Blue Outfit’ and then put that box in another box called ‘Blue toned outfits’ (You see where I’m going with this HUH? Just schtaaaaaaaaaaap!) Also, I do not want to be animated when opening a package. Ever.


My friends in Second Life – They allow me to act as silly as I like and forgive me for it.

Music in Second Life – I’ve really widened my musical horizons through Second Life, it’s like the best radio station in the whole world.

Creativity and Design – Just wow… so much talent. I know spending money on pixel clothes while sitting in a pair of torn leggings and a tshirt that used to belong to my Mum is probably the definition of madness, but keep it coming!

When folks rez naked or half naked – yeah, it just makes me giggle. Plus, women camming up each other’s skirts to see if they bothered to wear underpants. Snickers.

Noobs – Because on the one hand they are funny and cute and stagger around like babies and on the other they are tomorrow’s designer, creator, DJ, consumer and life-blood of SL

What to buy in Second Life today?

Top | Blueberry Ashley Long Sleeve Top [Mait/3 Bell/Sli/5ss] (Mesh Body Addicts Fair)
Hair/Hat | [KoKoLoReS] Hair – Rhea (The Seasons Story)
Jewellery | (Poisoned Diamond) Ouija Necklace in Pink, Aqua and Lilac (Pastel Goth Fair)
Shoes | [MODA] Stella Ballet Platform (Pastel Goth Fair)
Pants | !APHORISM! Taper Trousers – Pale Grey [5ss/Fitted Mesh/Slink Fit] (Shiny Shabby October)
Bed | Veronica VanDouser Hospital Sex Bed (Veronica VanDouser on Marketplace)
Tables | {Reverie} Day Dream Nest of Tables, prev Shiny Shabby Gacha, try ({Reverie} Gacha resales on Marketplace)
Decor | Bueno Stash House Gacha (The Epiphany Event)
Safe Open – Pink
Money Pile – Dirty
Meds for Bed
Meeting Tablet
Silent Gun Pink
Space Cakes – Green
Thrown Dress/Shoes – Black
Joint Box
Merch Scale Red
Money Stacks (3) Clean
Stolen Artwork
Stolen Jewels

Click me to see it HUGE
Click me to see it HUGE


!Aphorism!’s latest release for women, the Taper Trousers Collection is available in 6 colours (Black, Blue, Charcoal, Grey, Pale Grey & Brown) They are made to go with their previously released Autumn Jacket Collection but work with many clothing options, as you can see. Additionally, the pack comes with 5 standard sizes, plus one general fitmesh size and one Slink rigged fitmesh size. I’m wearing the Slink fitmesh here with my Maitreya body and it’s pretty good! It comes with a Maitreya auto-alpha prim which you attach to zero out the correct areas and then remember to detach.

Blueberry’s Ashley long-sleeved top is gorgeous – just what I needed for Autumn weather and sexy, yet also very versatile. I will be wearing it tons and would advise buying it in multiple colours!

KoKoLoReS Rhea has been blogged by me before but I wear it a lot and thought you should see it again. Oh yeah. Go grab some packs before they are gone – they are so generous with their colour HUDs too.

The Pastel Goth Fair is just fabulous (by WeDoSL Events). Today I was happy to include 3 of the (Poisoned Diamond) Ouija Necklaces and the [MODA] Stella Ballet Platforms which come with an extensive colour change HUD for the shoe, base and ribbons.

Reverie’s nest of tables (with the little table missing from this shot) are just adorable and part of a gacha previously at Shiny Shabby. The link I have given you is to search for them on marketplace as some folks are reselling but equally, you should visit Reverie Mainstore and have a looksee what she (the lovely Ms Flux) has for you.

Finally, Bueno’s collection at The Epiphany Gacha Event is fun. It’s just about everything you need to decorate your criminal den, I had a lot of fun with it, go have a play!

7 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion & Decor from ReadMeri | Pet peeves & positives in SL

  1. Lmao! I do the skirt thing….not always…sometimes XD and I hate the landmark and shoebase thing too. But one thing about the landmarks in boxes is after a year those landmarks are not right anymore as well usually. So you would have to search again either way lol!

      1. Yeah. I dunno…I need to really sort mine out too. from some things or events which for some reason all the time change location I have like 5 different landmarks. But as always a lovely post. Love you Meri ♥

  2. I thought the lack of a shoe base was because the designer meant for you to use the shoe base for the mesh feet. I wear very few shoes nowadays that are meant for system, so not sure if they have stopped using shoe bases as well.

    Boxed demos need to die a slow death. I’m sure stores that use this method lose out on some sales because people can’t be bothered…SL fashion is too fast paced nowadays to look for places where you can rez several boxes.

    I like landmarks in the folder, but I know others complain because they clutter their inventories. Also, if a designer moves, then it renders the landmarks obsolete. But to me you would still have to look up the place either way.

    1. Ahh, I bet you’re right about the shoe base for the mesh feet, but the Maitreya Lara only provides a tip-toe shoe shape (and not one for the mid height heel) so far as I can tell. Plus, that doesn’t take into account platforms. I still think they should give them to us 🙂

      Yeah and if I have an obsolete landmark and right click it, it gives me the name of the person who made the landmark, which is normally a good place to begin the search. Much easier than right clicking on a piece of mesh which often nets no results.
      Lovely to hear that the things which bug me affect you too – that sounds so wrong, but you know what I mean ❤

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