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Pastel Goth 1

Sometimes, a chat with an old friend is all you need. A chance to have a cup of tea and really put the world to rights. Archibald has always been there for me, through thick and thin (mostly thin in his case), but I always feel he really ‘gets’ me in a way that most men don’t. He seems to really listen – admittedly, he doesn’t have much to say but that’s never bothered me. He just looks wise n shit.

What to buy in Second Life today?

Shoes | EMPORIUM Dakota Shoes Slink Flat (Pastel Goth Fair)
Tights | EMPORIUM Dakota Tights Skeleton Omega (Pastel Goth Fair)
Top | .::Dead Dollz::. Morrigan Top Maitreya Lara only (Pastel Goth Fair)
Hair | .EMBW. Vanianthiriel Hair (Pastel Goth Fair)
Skin | AtiK Sweet Catrina [Lolas/Slink/Genesis/Visage] (Pastel Goth Fair)
Headband | {le fil casse} (Pastel Goth Fair)
Tattoo | {MUA} Bambi [Omega/TMP/Layers] (Pastel Goth Fair)
Chair | mE. & Purple Poses Cute Goth Chair (Pastel Goth Fair)
Friend | !APHORISM! Standing Skeleton (Wayward Halloween)
Friend | !APHORISM! Thinker Skeleton (Wayward Halloween)
Lamp | BananaN Kawaii Skeleton Lamp White (Pastel Goth Fair)

Pastel Goth 2a
Click to see me HUGE


Today, for your delectation I offer a plethora of fine goods from The Pastel Goth Fair. I don’t think I’ve ever done a more on topic post – so very pastely and gothy. My particular faves are the EMPORIUM tights coupled with the gorgeous Morrigan top from Dead Dollz, just wow. But you can only enjoy that top if you have the Maitreya Lara mesh body, sorry other ladies.

To my surprise, I also loved the Atik skin. It’s the first skin I’ve ever blogged (because I like to look like me when you get here so you know you got here) but it’s so darn cute – that face painting is awesome.

I’m also totally in love with my skellies from !APHORISM! which are for Wayward Halloween. The gacha contains so many different options of skeleton-related joy that you can’t really go wrong in having a punt. I’m putting the key below so you can see what you’d most like.

Here are some deets…

There are – 2 avatars one male one female. RARE
6 Skulls – Devil, Vampire, Los Muertos Cross, Los Muertos Flower, Male & Female COMMON
4 Skeleton props – Thinker, Standing, Coffin & Creeper. COMMON

The Skeleton props are between 3 & 7 LI.
The Skulls have a render weight of between 552 & 1036
The Avatars have a render weight of 3348

Skeleton gacha Key

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