Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | He loves me not…

He Loves Me Not

I just spent 2 hours on the phone with my bezzie mate who was considering throwing her (admittedly difficult) relationship down the drain. It turned out, she was backing out mainly because her sister had told her she should for the good of the rest of the family. It took me a fair while listening and trying to talk sense to make her see that all families have fall-outs and upsets, embarrassing scenes and problems, but that whether or not she continued with him should come down to if she loved him enough to work together through the tough times – and to ask her family to support her instead of allowing them to undermine her position.

It seems to symbolise a lot that I’ve been thinking about lately. It’s important to be your own person, to have your own thoughts and inclinations and, while respecting the opinions of others, to make up your own mind. Be strong, clothes perusers, be strong, for the person dishing out the crappy advice might not know what’s best for you after all.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Boots | Fri. Wendy Boots Amber (Fri.Day Mainstore)
Socks | *MUKA* Garter Thigh High Socks [Lara/Slin/3Bell/5ss] (MUKA Mainstore)
Hair | Besom Roulette Blondes (Besom Mainstore)
Pose | [Shi.S.] Love or not wi daisy & petals (Shi.S. Mainstore | Shi.S. Marketplace)
Friend | Jian Bundled Brindle Puff (The Gacha Garden)
Dress | [Cynful] Hoodie Dress Blue [3Bell/Mait/2Slink/5ss] (Mix Event November @ Cynful Mainstore)


Cynful’s Hoodie Dress will be available in awwwwl the sizes given above at the Mix Event in the Sale Category – that means 50% off to you shopper. Each colour is HUD controlled:
3 dress textures
4 string choices
15 different metal colors for the Zipper
and 8 shirt colors + the option to hide for more cleavage!

Jian is once again sponsoring The Gacha garden and you can go over and find their Puff Pups, a collection of pomeranian pewfballs eager to run at your side, have you tote them around in a wagon or snooze on a pillow happily in your home.

Gacha Garden is unique in that every 20 plays of a machine guarantees the player a special gift, the Seed of Inspiration. Jian’s is Duke Puffington, Esq; a rather dapper young puff who sports a bowtie, monocle and top hat.

Finally, I leave you with ‘Well Lit. No Shit.’

Well Lit, No Shit. Click me to see it HUGE.
Well Lit, No Shit. Click me to see it HUGE.

What do you think?

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