Second Life Fashion & Decor from ReadMeri | The Chandelier

Chandelier 1

It was true that while Meri loved her chandelier with no less passion than the day she first had it installed in her bedroom, not everybody in her life felt the same way. Her boyfriend (now ex) had complained that the sight of it looming, alien-warlord like, over the bed was affecting both his performance and sleep. Her cleaner had been unable to reach high enough to clean it properly and an ugly scene had ensued where Meri talked about steps and proper cleaning and the cleaner waved her feather duster in some frustration. That didn’t end well. Finally, her Mum suggested that perhaps it was a little too imposing and (quite correctly) that it had already lost her her man and her hired help. She simply ignored that advice. Some things just made you happy, and her chandelier was one of them.

What to buy in Second Life today?

Panties | Foxes Animal for Maitreya (Foxes Mainstore)
Top | [Cynful] Bonita Vest (Cosmopolitan Event til 7/11)
Hair | Wasabi Pills Amanda (Fameshed)
Boots | !Rebel Hope Gigi Mesh Fringe (Fameshed)
Tattoo | DATUM Allure [Bell/Mait/Omeg/Sli/TMP/Tatt] (anyBODY)
Light | Toro. Arachnid Chandaliers (The Mens Dept, opens today, 5/11)
Window | Jian Auralia Bedroom Window (Jian Mainstore)
Pose 1 | E3D Diorama – Reach (E3D Marketplace)
Pose 2 | Grafica – Cie (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)

chandelier detail


Toro’s amazing Arachnid Chandelier is at TMD this month and comes in a choice of 3 finishes. It’s gorgeous – there, I said it. You need one of these for your home, or for your spaceship, or for your spider den. If you are Spiderman, you especially need one.

Cynful’s cheeky take on a waistcoat fits like a glove on my Maitreya body and comes in a huge variety of colours, but hurry! It’s only at the Cosmopolitan Event for 2 more days!

The DATUM Tattoo is stunning of course. The contrast used in these pics makes it look a little blacker than it is, but it’s a strong tattoo with appliers for all the big name mesh bodies plus Omega.

Ok, it’s time, well lit, no shit for the clothing items! I do feel such a dork doing these shots you know – but I just want you to see a perfectly unedited, uncoloured, unshadowed version of what you get for your lindens 🙂


What do you think?

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