Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | The Painter

The Painter

Sunset came down behind her like a cloak placed gently on her shoulders and the light on her canvas moved and danced. She stopped. Until now, at this very moment, she believed what she was painting was good, but now she could see the truth of the matter. What she had painted was accurate, but it did not have any of the birdsong she heard, it did not contain the barking of the dog at the farm over yonder, it did not have the sweet, musty smell of Autumn. It seemed for a moment that the last few hours had been in vain and she closed her eyes in frustration, but under those lids she saw the beautiful light, heard the comforting sounds and could smell the sweetness. The painting was inside her and maybe tomorrow, she could find a way to share it.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Elven Isles
Hair | Little Bones Feline – prev gift (Little Bones Mainstore)
Hat | Celoe Mademoiselle (Celoe Mainstore)
Pants | Blueberry Mia Jeans [Mait/3Bell/Sli/5ss] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Top | [Cynful] Fall-In-Line 2in1 [3Bell/Mait/2Sli/5ss] (Collabor88)
Boots | Bueno Fringe Boots Black (Fameshed)


Cynful are a guest designer at this month’s Collabor88 and if you haven’t got in yet, don’t give up. There is so much great stuff there, but this little gem is awesome. You can wear it as shown, or as separates. You buy the colour of the waistcoat I think, and then get a colour change HUD for the under top. Be sure to check that by trying a demo before purchase though.

You can’t see much of Blueberry’s Mia in this shot, as they are taking a supporting role today (supporting my buttocks) but you can see them in all their glory here – With added buttjoy – as my strapline suggested.

You can only see the Bueno Boots in my well lit, no shit picture below, but I was wearing them and so they must be credited. They are so comfy I never take them off.

I’m hoping the Celoe hat is still there. Celoe aren’t necessarily known as a creator of hats but I have two of my best hats from there so I’d recommend you take a look next time you’re footloose and hatless.

Finally – here’s well lit, no shit!

Well Lit. No Shit. Click me to see it HUGE.
Well Lit. No Shit. Click me to see it HUGE.

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