Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Post Workout Bliss

Post workout final

Cold Autumn air cut into her lungs as she filled them, gasping and doubled over – hands on knees – waiting for her heartbeat to slow. Walking over to sit down, her legs felt like they didn’t belong to her any longer. Beads of perspiration dried on the cold surface of her skin as she simply looked at the beauty surrounding the lake. People said working out gave them a high, but it didn’t make Meri feel that way at all. It made her feel like a very tiny piece of somebody else’s jigsaw. But hey, what a jigsaw!

What to wear in Second Life today?

Shoes | AviCandy Gym Rat Sneakers – from outfit (AviCandy Mainstore  : AviCandy Marketplace)
Jewellery | DATUM Silver Leaf Necklace (Sad November)
Hair | [KoKoLoReS] Tamsin Hair (Hairology Event)
Bodysuit | [ILAYA] Bodysuit [Bell/Mait/Slink] prev event, try ([ILAYA] Mainstore)
Tattoo | DATUM Dear Deer White or Black [Mait/Omeg/Slink/TMP/Layers] (Thrift Shop)


Delighted to feature not one but two items from DATUM in this post. The Dear Deer Tattoo is so cute, very detailed and even more visible in the large ‘Well Lit, No Shit’ pictures I’ll place below. The delicate Silver Leaf necklace comes in silver or gold and is available at Sad November along with matching rings. Very Autumnal.

AviCandy’s Gym Rat Outfit is very cute in its entirety but these little sneakers with socks captured my heart. They aren’t particularly rigged, but they don’t need to be, they just sit on the end of your legs instead of mesh feet. Ta-Da!

KoKoLoReS has produced two great hairs for the new Hairology Event which will be taking place on a monthly basis. I’m really looking forward to my visit and the dip in my bank balance too. Colour packs from KoKoLoReS are extremely generous, so you can be very sure of getting more than your money’s worth.

Well Lit, No Shit. Click me to see it HUGE.
Well Lit, No Shit. Click me to see it HUGE.
Well Lit No Shit. Click me to see it HUGE.
Well Lit No Shit. Click me to see it HUGE.

What do you think?

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