Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | On the contrary…


Meri, Meri, why contrary?
Well, it’s like this you see
I trust all bitches and all ho’s
Unless they upset me.

Morning! Happy Sunday to you. Woken at 9am by the sound of my crazy neighbour hammering, I leapt out of bed to look out of my window, wondering if he was finally fixing the fence which threatens to fall at any moment, but no. He was just playing with his tools (ooer) as usual. Readers… for you, I wish your chores to be few and your sofa to be comfortable today.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | Shi.S. Trust No Bitch (Swank Event)
Tops | Blueberry Miki Tank Top [Mait/3Bell/2Sli/5ss] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Knickers | Maitreya Hipsters Sky/Taupe/Cerise (Maitreya Mainstore)
Hair | Argrace Azami Blondes (Argrace Mainstore)
Jewellery | RealEvil Orbit Set Silver/Gold/Bronze (Group Gift – free to join)


You may not have noticed, so I will point it out to you here, that the Shi.S. Trust No Bitch pose is also actually a ‘Three Wise Monkey’s pose. It’s just that the signage is placed in front of the eyes in each pose. Therefore you could use it for either and with or without the signs.

Blueberry’s new mainstore release – the Miki tank top, comes in all the sizes for mesh bodies you could wish for (probably) and 5 standard sizes to boot. But don’t boot them, just buy them. Each option comes in 3 colours and with the Super Girl Logo optional – I’ve tried to show a range here.

The Maitreya Hipster have messages on the back of some of the pairs. I can’t remember exactly what at the moment, but things like ‘Out of your League’. I wish they did a ‘Stop Camming My Butt’ pair but we’ll have to see if they come out in the future.

The RealEvil Orbit Jewellery set is a freebie and it’s great. You can change the metal colour and the colour of the jewels to one of three options and again, I’ve tried to show them all in the picture above. Just join the group using the link given above and it’s all yours.

There’s no well lit no shit today as I felt this image accurately and clearly shows you what you’d be getting!

What do you think?

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