Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

Even though it can be hard, Life is beautiful. Today, the wind blew my recycling all over the road, just as the bin men arrived, but it was kind of beautiful. Sure! It was also annoying, but there’s a beauty in not being in control of all things and of knowing you’re a very tiny organism existing on the surface of something so great and old that we mortals can have no concept of its longevity. I think about this when people talk about their ‘great nation’. Nations are temporary, we are temporary, we are tiny and insignificant and so are almost all the other beautiful things. This is why we should take our pleasure in the present and appreciate each and every moment.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Pose | grafica – hadu v (GEN-Neutral)
Visit | Private Idyll
Dress | Bueno Spirit Dress (Kustom9)
Hair | KoKoLoReS Christen (GEN-Neutral)


Well, I have already mentioned both the KoKoLoReS Hair and the Grafica Pose packs at GEN-Neutral on my blog recently, but the Bueno Spirit Dress from Kustom9 is a new thing!

You can choose a version with a hood or without and it comes in Slink sizes for both the bodies and a fitted mesh size which fitted my Maitreya Lara just dandy. It also has standard sizes for those of you who prefer them.

Here’s well lit, no shit to help you decide 🙂

The red version - Well Lit, No Shit - Click me to see it HUGE.
The red version – Well Lit, No Shit – Click me to see it HUGE.

What do you think?

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