Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | In the rainbow


In the Rainbow

Today I’m feeling grateful for my SL friends. I kid you not, I’m so lucky to have found them. They are so vibrant, intelligent, funny, astute, kind, fun and crazy. Each one of them shimmers like a different gemstone. I’m so proud and happy to be in their rainbow of colours. Now, I’m sure if they are reading this they’d like me to name them as being one of these special shiny souls, but I won’t – I’m going to leave it mysteriously open like folks do in their picks, haha.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Vespertine
Pose | Shi.S. Gentle Warm Rain incl umbrella (The Showroom)
Boots | !Aphorism! Odyssey Boots [Mait/Slink/3ssMale/3ssFemale] (The Secret Affair)
Jeans | Addams Laura High Rise Jeans [3Bell/2Sli/Mait/5ss] (Addams Mainstore : Addams Marketplace)
Top | !Aphorism! Princess of Nowhere Top Antique [3ss] (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Hair | [DUE] Saskia (Collabor88)


Aphorism’s Odyssey boots come in Black, Chestnut, Brown, Copper, Taupe & Oxblood and have a render weight of equal to or less than 2402. You pop them on, add the HUD and then choose whether you want them to be Maitreya or Slink fit – clever huh? There are male sizes too, o’course.
Addams’ Laura High Rise jeans come in 10 colours, with 4 exclusive textures in the fatpack, and the ability to change the lower leg colour. They are a mainstore release so that’s where you should go to get them.

The Gentle Warm Rain pose by Shi.S. is dead cute and comes with the umbrella. Each pose comes in two height poseballs, or you can simply open the poseball and take out the anim if you want to use it in a no-rez zone.


What do you think?

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