Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | A little time alone

The White Jacket

At the end of the day as twilight idled through the trees, the garden seemed a mysterious world – not one owned or tamed by humans. The rustles and calls were urgent and my eyes made shadows from wheelbarrows and rusty garden forks into creatures of the night. I felt instinctively that they had no dice with me, they were simply waiting for me to be gone so they could enfold even this small space. The silent insistence to leave was oppressive and I walked, not hastening unless I show fear, back towards the house. In the morning, I could be alone but the night belonged to them and I would rather face the irritation of my companions as I smoked than stay here a moment longer.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Flux Sur Mer
Pose | {marukin} Royal Fur ({marukin} Mainstore)
Hair | elua Daria (Kustom9)
Leggings | Eaters Coma Triple Striped Leggings (Eaters Coma Mainstore)
Rings | Reign Coven Diamond Frame & Ouija (Reign Mainstore)
Jacket | {Reverie} Nico Fringe Jacket (Shiny Shabby)


My favourite item, certainly of the month if not longer, is this jacket from Reverie, currently available at Shiny Shabby. It’s so so so so nice. Okay so I’ve gushed, now to tell you why.

You can get it in 7 colours – Black, Brown, Vintage, Crimson, Navi, Taupe, Beige and White and the metal colours are changeable via HUD. The best part for me was that I now have Reverie’s awesome design and quality in the fitted mesh sizes I have craved – Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, a fitted mesh size and four standard sizes.

How did it fit you ask? Well, it fitted very well indeed. I wore the Maitreya version with my Maitreya body and yes, it requires some alpha-ing across the chest (and the arms of course) but it is a perfect representation of what Meri would look like in this jacket. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say something else. The alphaing over the chest improved the look of the garment on me and made it more realistic. Y’see when you put a leather jacket onto your boobles, it does kinda squash them down very slightly. I was delighted with the fit, delighted with the design and I think I’ve said enough now. Go get some.



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