Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Front of the queue

Front of the queue

Accepting that somebody you care about is an utter knob isn’t easy – oh, it’s nobody you know. You know what really helps when life deals you a blow and you’re reeling – whisky. No, I’m kidding. I mean, whisky does help, but what really helps is the love and agreement of someone whose opinion matters. You’d think it’d be support, but sometimes support is a loose term that means different things to different people. When you’re really upset, what you need is someone who tells you you’re right, you’re not going crazy and also, that the third party is a complete and utter shrivelled, no-consequence knob.

Wish me luck retaining my dignity under extreme provocation dearest readers!

Front of the queue 2

What to wear in Second Life today?

Top | Blueberry Suko Jacket & Harness Add-on [3Bell/2Sli/Mait/5ss] (Uber)
Earphones | Enfant Terrible Exclusive Headphones white & gold (Uber)
Pants | Bueno Leggings Red [Fitmesh/Slink/5ss] (Shiny Shabby)
Hair | Little Bones Feline (Little Bones Mainstore)
Boots | Deadwool Ulrich Boots Red M/F (Lost & Found)


Blueberry’s new release for Uber this round is the Suko jacket and optional add-on harness. Each element has changeable options via HUD and if you go for the fatpack you get a dizzying array of colours to choose from. Well, you can choose anyway – at the time of purchase, but you know what I mean!

The Enfant Terrible headphones are part of the collaboration with Blueberry and are gorgeous. I’m not usually much for wearing headphones in SL, but these will prove the exception to that rule. Click on that second image to see some of the detail of the earphone itself… stunning.

The Bueno leggings are shown here in red and are also available in four other colours at Shiny Shabby this round. I’m wearing the fitmesh version with my Maitreya Lara and they’re a great fit.

So much shopping to do, so little time. Have fun out there!



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