Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Winter Holiday

Winter Holiday

It’s snowing, it’s freezing
My nose is always sneezing
I went away for a few days
But it wasn’t warm n breezy

Good Monday to you readers! Okay so it’s definitely Winter. I’m a sucker for woollies in Winter, hating the restrictive feeling of coats, and I got myself some right cosy wraps to throw on over jeans and such the other day (in real life this is, in SL, Meri has a better constitution). I went away for the weekend and used almost all of them. Tsk. Moan. Anyway, now I’m back home, huddled by the radiator writing to you and drinking tea. There are worse places to be!

Winter Hols Full Length

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Furillen 
Pose 1 | {Imeka~} Soley (Imeka Mainstore)
Pose 2 | {NanTra} Ain’t She Sweet (Nantra Mainstore)
Necklace | Mandala Kyara Forest Short (Mandala Mainstore)
Pants | [Cynful] Tweed Pants Teal [3Bell/2Sli/Mait/5ss] (Mix Event December @ Cynful Mainstore)
Hair | .Olive. the Chelo (Olive Mainstore) (Olive Mainstore)
Top | Blueberry Roro Crop Top [3Bell/2Sli/Mait/5ss] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Boots | !APHORISM! Leather Ankle Boots Slink (Aphorism Mainstore : Aphorism Marketplace)
Tattoo | DATUM Seven Seas [Bell/Mait/Omeg/Slin/Lay] (DATUM Mainstore : Not yet on Marketplace)


Cynful have revisited their bell bottom pants and tweed pants for the MIX Event this time around and have updated the sizes included for the new mesh bodies. You can get them for a corking 50% off the usual price in their mainstore. I’m thinking the whole 50% came off the butt 😉

DATUM’s Seven Seas tattoo is also new, it’s an attractive midriff design for women with appliers for the main mesh bodies plus Omega and standard layers.

I picked up the .Olive. Hair at their mainstore on Black Friday for like – nothing – well no, not nothing. I think it cost me 79l$ for the blondes pack and each of the other colour packs was priced similarly. It was on all weekend so you never know, if you get over there sharpish, you might bag a bargain for yourself too.

Have a great rest of the day, and don’t let the Monday b*stards grind you down 🙂

test best shot_003

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