Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | A bit nippy


Happy Tuesday guys. The sun is trying to come out here today which is great news because it means there’s actually some natural light to make me feel normal and shizzle. However, it’s still what we Britishers might call ‘a bit nippy’.

Chris, Scarlet and I are recording the third episode of the Pixtape Podcast this afternoon (well, it’s afternoon for me, early morning for Chris and night-time for Scarlet). I can’t believe we’re onto number 3 already. It only seems like five minutes since we were considering it and talking about ‘what we’d say’ like it’d be difficult. This episode has two notable features… one, it’s Christmassy and two, it’s NSFW. We know this in advance and so I thought – what better place to tell you about it than just below a picture of my almost naked avatar? Eh eh? Fab.



Why the close up lower body shots? Well, I’m trying to draw your attention to the tattoos y’see.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Tatts | DATUM Revolver Tattoo (DATUM Mainstore : Not yet on Marketplace)
Undies | Erratic delice lingerie nude for Maitreya (Erratic Mainstore)
Hair | [Runaway] Jane V2 Hair ([RA] Mainstore)
Shoes | REIGN Sia Pumps Tan (Reign Mainstore)


The DATUM Revolver Tattoo comes with appliers for all the main mesh bodies (Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP) plus Omega for adaptability and simple layers for those of you not meshed up. It’s a mainstore release and you can see more detail by clicking on each shot so it goes BIG.

I think pretty much everything else is self-explanatory. I do apologise for my louchness. ❤

6 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | A bit nippy

  1. I am SO excited about the next Pixtape ep. I really love the podcast so far!
    OH, and the outfit (or lack there of) is gorgeous. Wish it came in SLink!

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