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Living life on the edge today! There’s so much craziness in the news at the moment – Trump talking about ‘banning Muslims’ from entering the U.S., massive floods, power cuts etc. in the north of the U.K., air strikes on Syria and so much more crapola. It’s a scary world out there guys… I think I might stay in Second Life where it’s relatively peaceful.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Cheeky Tiramasu Cafe & Forest 
Pose | Serendipity Doll Pose 5 ({Pose Lover} Event, opened 1/12)
Socks | REIGN Devon Socks (Reign Mainstore)
Boots | !Aphorism! Brogue Boots (The Mens Dept December)
Dress | Bishes Inc – Cosy Dress Brown [Fitted Mesh] (Winter Trend)
Hair | Ayashi Manami hair (Winter Trend)
Bag | [ abrasive ] Bear Side Bag (Winter Trend)


Such cute stuff to show you today. First off, the Aphorism Brogue Boots which come in 6 colours (Black, Grey, Pale Brown, Brown, Tan & Cream), in Standard, Maitreya and Slink Sizes and have a render weight of only 1072 or less. So yeah, they are the technicals, but in terms of goodness, they’re even greater than that. You can change leather and suede colours to suit and the detail is soooo good.

Some cute stuff from Winter Trend too! I’ve given the tps which should point you directly towards each store. I mean yeah… you’re going to want to wander around, but for those of us with a budget and some self-control, it can be helpful to go straight to it.

The Serendipity Doll Poses from Pose Lover are so cute, this one is perhaps the least doll-like (well, I’m hardly a doll) but I recommend them heartily if you are a blogger or like taking photos.

Click to see ‘Well Lit, No Shit, Huge!


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