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Lost Souls

I was thinking the other day about how bad first dates can be. I’ve had some very bad ones indeed. The thing is, as a woman, there’s such a thing as an ‘oh alright’ date. Most commonly, when a boy asks out a girl, he’s already decided he’d like to get to know her better. From our perspective, that’s not always the case – he probably wasn’t somebody who you’d been thinking of going out with. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve got better at telling who I would and wouldn’t like to go out with, but when I was younger I might think ‘Aw, it’s brave of him to ask and he seems like he could be a nice guy, I’ll give him a chance’. And it is usually from these dates that the majority of the disaster emanates.

One guy took me to the cinema to see a sad love film, not only had he grown a very stupid little moustache between asking me and picking me up, but he cried – very loudly, like a child – towards the end. People kept looking over at us. I was 17. Not good. I didn’t see him again!

I’ve had more than one fella arrive to collect me already drunk (not driving at least). One of these took me to a club, which was great – I love music and dancing, so when he disappeared an hour later, I wasn’t too fussed and just kept dancing. A stranger tapped me on the shoulder a while later and said that my “boyfriend” was being very sick in the toilets and was asking for me. I spent the next hour holding back his hair while he puked Southern Comfort into a not-too-clean toilet. Phooey. Didn’t see him again.

Another fella I met was a bar tender, and so I’d only seen him sober and servile. He arrived drunk to take me out on our first date – to his local. Okaaay. We got there, walked in and he announced loudly to his group of friends “This is me Julie”. Now, if you’ve not come across Ali G before, you won’t know this is one of his catchprases referring to his woman.  I raised my eyebrows and said to the crowd “Actually, no I’m not” and gave them my name. Didn’t end well.

These guys might have been losers, but I’ve had my fair share of “winner” first dates too – all still bad. Lol.

There was the guy who took me to the cinema and then a pub quiz (might have been fun) if he hadn’t talked all the way through about his prospects and the size of his pension investment. Yawn. I was surprised he hadn’t informed my father of his intentions before taking me out.

There was the guy who criticised my choice of nail polish and kept on about how twins run in his family. I didn’t date him again and he married my friend (they didn’t have twins) then divorced.

There were several guys who dated me for weeks and never touched me. Now, call me a fly-by-night, crazy-living, loose-minded girl, but surely… after weeks – something? A kiss? A hug? We’ll call those dates Kajagoogoo (too shy).

I think the synopsis of this catalogue of disaster is… Behave on a first date, be yourself on a first date, do not get drunk on a first date, do not get too serious on a first date. End.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Missing Mile Dark Rural Community 
Pose | Grafica Perch (Grafica Mainstore : Grafica Marketplace)
Jacket | Blueberry Asia [Mait/3Bell/2Sl/5ss] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Skirt | Blueberry Bisquit *reissue* [Mait/3Bell/2Sli/5ss] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)
Boots | Latreia Cozy Grey [Mait/3Bell/Sli] (Frost)
Hair | enVOGUE Miriam wi. Hat (Winter Trend)
Tattoo | DATUM Outlaw Black [Mait/Bell/Sli/Omeg/Lay] (Winter Trend)


Blueberry have reissued their popular Bisquit skirt with more fitmesh body sizes – hurrah to that! You can get it in a multitude of colours and change elements of the skirt via a colour change HUD.

The Asia leather jacket also from Blueberry, I’ve blogged before, but it remains intact in my invent and seemed perfect for this shot.

EnVogue and Datum are both at Winter Trend with their hair and tattoo respectively. I blog for Datum in any case, so was happy to see them here and I loved the cute, winter hat and hair from EnVogue.

Finally *drum roll* Frost by Depraved Nation opens on Sunday 13th December – in only 3 days time! Much excitement. I wanted to show you one release for the event – The Latreia Cozy Grey Boots which come in a variety of sizes for mesh bodies and feet (listed above) and other colours. Wahay.

If you’re as excited about Frost as I am, you can catch a glimpse of all the fabulous designers lined-up in the flyers below, but not before you’ve seen ‘Well Lit, No Shit’.

Well lit, no shit – click to see me huge.



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4 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Lost Souls

  1. Perhaps they guys didn’t do anything in weeks thought you are made of porcelain D: Well, seriously, thanks for share your experiences, as a man they help me to understand past mistakes. Once a girl got angry with me, I think, because after a long shared time I couldn’t take her out… actually I was so confused because in informal meetings she used to brought a male friend, to talk about her past boyfriends and I wasn’t sure if he wanted in my just a friend, so to me was scary that saying her would make her to take distance from me or sees me with pity. But that was years ago…
    Last Saturday I met a girl in a celebration, I didn’t like her specially but I had drunk a lot so I knew I was going just to, ehem, talk green words to the toilet, so I came back to home.

      1. I think I already met her, the problem now is to get her to feel the same XD (she’s in another country and another life, I think perhaps I should make a clon of her in Second life, lol)

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