Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Real Girl in the Drawing

Real girl in the drawing

If there was a way in Second Life for avatars to look more real than their surroundings, I’d choose it. At Christmas you’d think SL would be empty, but it’s not, it’s packed full of people looking for some kind of connection, some relief from loneliness, some fun or just a bit of company for a while.

On the whole, I’m no big preacher on the ‘every avatar is a person’ theme, the reason being that I don’t go around my local supermarket in RL loving the human soul of each and every real person I pass – the same applies to SL, but I sure don’t think it’s a game. I don’t set out to hurt anybody or give them a bad day and I like to get the same in return. If you can maybe chat to someone you don’t usually, or make yourself available to those folks on your friends list this Christmas, just do it. ‘Cus you don’t know who they are, where they are or if they are all alone. It can be your gift to real people in a virtual world.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Visit | Let it Snow!
Pose | Purple Poses – Paola 03 (Winter Trend)
Boots | G&D Ankle Boots Cream [Mait/Sli/TMP] (Winter Trend)
Hair | Ayashi Manami (Winter Trend)
Pants | [Cynful] Joggers [Mait/3Bell/2Sli/5ss] (Frost)
Top | Blueberry Chelsea Belted Cardigan [Mait/2Sli/3Bell/5ss] (Blueberry Mainstore : Blueberry Marketplace)


Well… ages ago, I did a post with a new Blueberry cardigan called Radi (Ride a Cock Horse, Oct 2014) which I loved beyond belief. It was before I had the Maitreya Lara and I was wearing the Belleza body. Blueberry provided a fitted mesh version for Belleza, but not Maitreya (it can’t have been out if I didn’t wear it and they didn’t make for it). Anyway, a wee while ago, I know Blueberry were considering updating Radi for more mesh bodies and I waited with huge excitement. The other day I got a surprise – a new cardigan, in the style of Radi, but new and improved and fitted for them awwwwl babies!

Cynful’s joggers can be found at Frost and come in a huge range of colours and fitted mesh for all the Belleza, Slink and Maitreya bodies. There’s a colour change HUD for the waistband, strings and string holes. They have a low cut at the back so you can show off your builder’s butt 🙂

Accessories and poses today come from Winter Trend. Especially loving the G&D boots which come with the socks and a colour change HUD for them and for the boots too! Wahoo.

Well lit, no shit…

Click me to see me HUGE

3 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Real Girl in the Drawing

  1. I think I understand… I feel the same when I enter chat rooms, and a bit here in WordPress as well. I don’t who they are but sure there a real person behind every virtual contact (except for trolls, they are there to be beaten with arguments :P)
    Your images is quite beautiful… I love that tone of blue, that posture, the minimal surroundings… makes me think a bit to be in the middle of a mission (and the “click me to see me huge”… LMAO) Thanks Meri, nice day there ^^/

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