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No fighting back

In RL, I went with my Mum to the place in Ireland where our family originates in September this year and it was magical in very many ways. For a start, for Englishers, my Mum and I are both unusually sociable and friendly and we found that the people of this town were also that way. We went knowing little about exactly where our folks had lived (and died) but found the locals were falling over themselves to help us and also, that there might have been some ‘other force at work’ helping us along too.

We left, feeling sad to do so and with a connection that has given us both heart since. One instance that sticks in my mind is that I was driving and quite literally cut across another driver’s path in a car park. She braked to allow me to sort myself out and I rolled down my window to say sorry and thank her for her patience and she gave me a huge smile and said ‘Ah, yer grand!’. It’s hard to explain how much nicer this is than ‘No problem’ or ‘Watch where you’re going next time’ or something I’d most certainly have heard had I been at home.

It wasn’t just her either. If you said thank you or sorry to anybody, that’s how they’d reply. It’s just like saying ‘It’s okay’, but it’s soooo much happier. I’m trying to incorporate it into my own life (and less pretty accent) with a limited amount of success.

What to buy in Second Life today?

Pose | NEW *CS* Snow War Full Scene – female pose only (Winter Trend)
Boots | Bueno Fringe Boots Clay (Bueno Mainstore)
Socks | *MUKA* Garter Thigh Socks Lara (MUKA Mainstore)
Hair | +elua+ Miriam Blonde (elua Mainstore)
Bodysuit | NEW Bueno Henley Bodysuit Red Print [Fitmesh/2Slink/5ss] (Uber)


Bueno’s Henley Bodysuit is just the cutest thing. Made from knitted fabric, it can really assist you in making the most of your assets. It comes in 2 Slink sizes, 5 standard mesh sizes and a fitmesh size. The fitmesh size worked just fine with my Maitreya Lara. You can find it in various colours and textures at Uber this round (December).

The scene, including puppy, squirrel and snowman is by Come Soon Poses at Winter Trend. The simple joy of having some cute friends to aid and abet me in snowballing was fabulous. It’s also great to use for pictures.

Here’s well lit, no shit for the outfit…

Click me to see me huge

4 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Get Him!

  1. I love extra friendly people, sadly we don’t see many here. As a Mass native i can tell you there is a reason we are called Massholes…
    BTW, aren’t you cold? You look like you could use a hot cuppa and a cuddle buddy.

    1. Haha Drake. I’m very hardy and used to cold weather, in fact, I get hot too easily 🙂 I’ve been to Massachusetts and the folks were just fine. Maybe Massholes wouldn’t be Massholey if they were called something different, like Mawsome? 😀

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