Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Grey


Hey Sunday people! I don’t very often speak to you at the weekend, because I often take that time off blogging in favour of other activities. Did you know that on Christmas Day at 11.11pm GMT  there will be a full moon? It’s the first time since 1977 and I’m looking forward to it.

What to wear in Second Life today?

Skirt | {Reverie} Marychain Kilt Grey [Mait*/3Belleza*/2Sli/5ss] (Kustom9)
Socks | !APHORISM! Knee Socks Off-White [Mait*/2Sli/Fitmesh/St.] (Aphorism Mainstore : Not yet on Marketplace)


A quick shout out to two of the nicest, hardest-working and most modest designers in SL – Paolla Flux and Rucy Byron (who happen to be a couple, that’s fortunate) for their creation of such gorgeous items this month.

Paolla of Reverie has released this cute Marychain Kilt in 8 colours and a ton of fitted mesh sizes for the bodies (and five standard sizes too) at Kustom9. The Maitreya and Belleza sizes are experimental apparently, but the Maitreya fitted me fine – as you can see.

Rucy of Aphorism has a new mainstore release – these gorgeous mesh Knee Socks which come in 4 colours and a variety of fitted mesh and standard sizes. Again, they fitted me fine even though the Maitreya is experimental. You can find the socks at Aphorism’s mainstore, but… dun dun dun – there’s more! There’s a group gift at the store too and it’s these socks but in a Xmas limited edition – again in 4 colours. They’re not gaudy, still tasteful and I think you could get away with wearing them any time of year.

As always guys, please try a demo of anything before purchase! What fits one might not be quite right on another.

3 thoughts on “Second Life Fashion from ReadMeri | Grey

  1. I love this image… there is a sort of innocence blending subtly with a litte of eroticism and a much of delicacy. I imagine myself walking my countryside in the highlands like that 🙂 (ehem!, I mean with the male equivalent clothes of course D:)
    Hoping you have a nice moon to see (y)

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